Friday Artist Feature 07: James A. McDermid

"Without cinema, I wouldn't be writing music, it's as simple as that; it's more influential than anything in my life, I'd say..."

[Guest Mix 002] James A. McDermid :: Midnight in Europe

As a guest mix should be completely fueled by individual creativity, McDermid took a trip down memory lane to revisit the process of growing up, maybe coined as evoking a sense of pure fun on radiating summer days, or the warmth of spectating a winter snowfall...

James A. McDermid – Kern-​Host (2018 :: Whitelabrecs, WLR049)

"Kern-Host," released on Harry Towell's Whitelabrecs is the third part in James' trilogy dedicated to his late sister, Harriet... The initial record [to the trilogy] "Ghost Folk," made up of 25 emotive tracks & was released on Polar Seas Recordings on 21 April 2017. Earlier this year, KrysaliSound released the follow-up, "Tonal Glints" on 18 February 2018...

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