11.9.18 Snapshot :: New Music Friday

Drowning in new, high quality electronic music releases this week. 100% Silk, Serein, Dronarivm, Hammock Music, Erased Tapes... Behind Clouds, Olsen, Dearly Departure, Colorlist, Endless Melancholy, Slow Meadow, Peter Broderick...

Hibernis – Middle Of The Meds (2018 :: Serein, SERE016)

Autonomous sensory meridian response. Harmonious melodies created just to tease your ears with the right amount of stimulation through an eight track journey. Can you put the pieces back together?

Olan Mill – Pine (2010 :: Serein, SERE002)

  On magical day 10 May 2010, Olan Mill released their first artist album over on the exquisite Serein label. Olan Mill's album entitled "Pine" is a cinematic masterpiece of ballads and heartfelt piano strings that intensely plays with human emotion. Olan Mill is Alex Smalley + Svitlana Samoylenko; producers of this wonderful one of a kind masterpiece album. When... Continue Reading →

Brambles – Charcoal: Expanded (2014 :: Serein, SERE003SE)

“To Speak Of Solitude” Introduces Charcoal as a whole. Within the first ten seconds, we hear epic soundscapes with birds singing in the background faintly - a truly serene experience. Just after the brief introduction, we hear soulful piano chords that truly encapsulate what it is to experience music at full degree. Piano melodies are the basis of Brambles’ music & one of many heavenly traits to love about Mira’s unique style. The next track, “Such Owls As You” is without a doubt my favorite track on “Charcoal”...

Hidden Rivers – Where Moss Grows (2015 :: Serein, SERE008)

Huw Roberts, AKA Hidden Rivers has produced the gem of a lifetime. His finest work to date, "Where Moss Grows" was released to the world on 17 August 2015. Huw is no stranger to curation and collaboration, running the Serein Music Label & also collaborating with Otto Totland on their amazing collaborative artist project, entitled "Nest"...

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