Shimmering Moods Trio :: Music For Sleep/Purl & Yamaoka/Luna Monk (Jan 2019)

Shimmering Moods Records starts off the 2019 calendar year stronger than ever with not one, nor two, but three releases. Continually distinguishing a unique identity within the realm of spaced electronic ambient music, the latest Shimmering Moods releases come from Music For Sleep AKA Andrea Porcu, Purl (Ludvig Cimbrelius) & Yamaoka (Kenichi Oka), and Luna Monk.

ARCHIVES: Ambient Files 7 (Mixed by Warmth)

  Spanish prodigy, dual label owner (ARCHIVES, Faint), and music producer Warmth releases "Ambient Files 7," featuring some of the most in-depth exquisite electronic music... With current classics and forthcoming artist works combined, this mix should be an instant listen for anyone involved in the electronic music community. You know what to do. Share, support,... Continue Reading →

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