Northerner – End Of The Holiday (2018 :: Home Assembly Music, HAM019)

Northerner's newest album on Home Assembly touches the right tones and intricate spots of the electronic and post rock spectrums. With colorful in-depth tones seamlessly integrated into arrays of electronic harmonies, this album takes a spot as one of the best albums of 2018.

A Veil Of Water – Late Night Loneliness (2018 :: Hidden Vibes, HV047)

A Veil Of Water + Hidden Vibes' "Late Night Loneliness" contains inspirational drums, guitar, bass, and piano notes by self-taught prodigious Norwegian Rune Trelvik. Notes for dozing and dreaming of positive reflections of the past, present, and future with beautiful journeys through the stars...

We Had Zillions – Endless (2018 :: Self Released)

Irish blood Ben Garrett and David Prendergast are current members of the band “Overhead, The Albatross,” and their latest side project, entitled “We Had Zillions” picks up where OTA left off in experimentation with their most recent single entitled “Our Youth Our Younger”. True post-tock fans will really appreciate Ben’s super crisp and clean drum work throughout the track “Endless” and David's soaring instrumentation.

Codes In The Clouds – As The Spirit Wanes (2011 :: Erased Tapes, ERATP027)

Title: Codes In The Clouds - As The Spirit Wanes Album Release Date: 14 Jan, 2011 Written/Produced: Codes In The Clouds / Label: Erased Tapes / Catalogue Number: ERATP027 Genre: Post Rock Codes In The Clouds are an English rock band hailing from Dartford, Kent. In 2011, this album absolutely blew up. Previous work for Erased Tapes includes one other album,... Continue Reading →

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