Aural Soundscapes 003: Flying Over Mount Nittany

Shimmering chillout and downtempo retrospective music from Audio Gourmet, Silk Music, Embrace, and Schole Recordings.

Friday Artist Feature 02 (FAF002) + Interview: ᄿAllay (Koen Faber, Silk Music)

Koen Faber, better known as Allay, has just released his debut artist album over on the Silk Music Imprint. Known for signing high quality progressive house and chillout music, my personal music roots delve very deeply into this heavenly music label.

"Journey Of The Velvet Adorned Nomad" contains 14 tracks, all consisting of their own unique vibrant and heartwarming stories. Before we get into background information surrounding Allay's recent artist album, have a look at some of Allay's beautiful past work...

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