anthéne – weightless (2019 :: Home Normal, HOMEN109)

"weightless" is anthéne's mesmerizing invitation into soothing ambiance for his newborn (and the rest of the world). In a sense, it's one of the purest ideas from conceptualization to implementation. We feel that this release really shines or begs to be listened to in the moments just after waking up for the day, or in the middle of the night while surveying constellations.

Ambiance For Sleepy Mornings: Hotel Neon – Inward (2018 :: Self Released)

Hotel Neon released their brand new tour-exclusive material entitled "Inward" after a successful tour with Benoît Pioulard & Marcus Fischer. "Inward" truly emits feelings of hopefulness, strong inspiration, and a reflection piece that is more than itself through atmospheric lo-fi, drone, and ambient music...

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