Friday Artist Feature 06 + Interview: Agus Mena // Warmth(Archives + Faint)

One of the most inspirational figures in the ambient music community talks about photography, inspirational artists, curating record labels, and cats!

[Forthcoming 11/8] Hirotaka Shirotsubaki – A Seasons Past (2018 :: ARCHIVES, Archives50)

Forthcoming release by talented Japanese resident Hirotaka Shirotsubaki (releases on: Organic Industries, Shakuya Records, & taâlem...) entitled "A Seasons Past" will put your worries and troubles to bed -- or at the very least you'll forget about them over awe, jaw-dropping ambiance.

ARCHIVES: Ambient Files 7 (Mixed by Warmth)

  Spanish prodigy, dual label owner (ARCHIVES, Faint), and music producer Warmth releases "Ambient Files 7," featuring some of the most in-depth exquisite electronic music... With current classics and forthcoming artist works combined, this mix should be an instant listen for anyone involved in the electronic music community. You know what to do. Share, support,... Continue Reading →

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