Quentin Sirjacq – Companion (2019 :: Schole Records, SCH057)

In this new set of songs, the melodic touch and the delicate harmonies from the piano still radiate in parts but the way orchestrations and musical structures are transforming themselves during the songs -- a bright new element in Sirjacq’s music...

Artist Focus :: akisai – images // colors (2014/2015 :: Schole Records, SCH-034, SCH-043)

Schole. Audiovisual art pioneers. Worldwide talent locators for arrays of interesting electronic soundscapes and emotive graceful melody headed by the lovely world renowned Akira Kosemura. 

Brilliant. Creative. Engineers. Free thinkers. These are but a few traits that describe legendary audiovisual duo akisai straight out of the place I dream of daily: Japan...

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