Innesti – In Currents (2018, Self Released)

Beautiful debut CD from Innesti featuring two long-form ambient soundscapes capable of mentally transporting you to a better place.-Kevan Revis on Bandcamp Ethereal daydreaming, the regenerative sounds of forest exploration that encompasses the body and mind, field recordings, and the hazy addition of skyline drones... Limited Edition Compact Discs are available via Bandcamp, as well... Continue Reading →

Luis Miehlich – Silences (2018 :: Archives, ARCHIVES47)

Luis Miehlich AKA Woolookologie is no stranger to the creation of beautiful modern art. His latest work, "Silences" on the heavenly Archives label run by Agus Mena is easily one of the best works of 2018. SineRider and Erder also appear on this release as guests.

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