[Guest Mix 002] James A. McDermid :: Midnight in Europe

As a guest mix should be completely fueled by individual creativity, McDermid took a trip down memory lane to revisit the process of growing up, maybe coined as evoking a sense of pure fun on radiating summer days, or the warmth of spectating a winter snowfall...

Simon McCorry – Song Lines (2018 :: Naviar Records, NR007)

Simon McCorry is no stranger to the creation of next-level intellectual soundscapes and experimental musical bliss. "Song Lines" ventures into cinematic neoclassical soundscapes with the usual suspects: cello, transcendent looping, and processing.

Machinone – Pieni (2018 :: Flau, FLAU75)

Pieni hits all the right tones and melodies with gentle elegant notes. Gut guitar, clarinet, banjo, and reed organs are featured alongside a myriad of experimentation. Perhaps the self-titled album track itself, 'Pieni' describes the dreamy music of Flau Records out of Japan and Machione -- Sanriku-raised Daizo Kato – a multi-instrumentalist and composer that is currently based in Atsugi via Tokyo. Pieni features lovely talent spanning soundscapes and interludes.

Cédric D. Lavoie – 88 (2018 :: Preserved Sound, PS51)

Cédric D. Lavoie releases his newest work, "88" 23 November 2018 on the respected cinematic modern classical Preserved Sound music label. The inspiration for such a serene collection of his latest pieces was found during hard work traveling on tours as a double bass player. Lavoie took it a step further to form cleverly-written layered soundscapes that are lush, and yet, at the same time perplexing simple melodic harmonies that manifest their way into complexity.

K-Conjog – Magic Spooky Ears (2018 :: Schole Recordings, SCH-056)

Schole Records out of Japan is constantly searching near and far for talented virtuosos to feature on their world renowned and respected music label. November 2018 is no different than the normal formula of high-quality, emotive works; respected diverse Italian electronic music producer K-Conjog AKA Fabrizio Somma joins Schole with glorious electronic instrumentation, vocal experimentation, acoustics, and intelligent layered productions.

Olan Mill – Pine (2010 :: Serein, SERE002)

  On magical day 10 May 2010, Olan Mill released their first artist album over on the exquisite Serein label. Olan Mill's album entitled "Pine" is a cinematic masterpiece of ballads and heartfelt piano strings that intensely plays with human emotion. Olan Mill is Alex Smalley + Svitlana Samoylenko; producers of this wonderful one of a kind masterpiece album. When... Continue Reading →

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