[Premiere] Luis Miehlich – Koyomi (Forthcoming 1.1.19)

Following Luis Miehlich (Woolookologie's) recent earth-moving inspiring album, Silences, on the Archives music label, Luis continues where he left off by telling intricate stories through sonic, wavy sounds and drifting ambient haze for meditation & relaxation.

Aural Soundscapes 002: For Kate

A journey through ambient sounds to remember someone near and dear. One of the most inspiring and friendly people I ever knew, featuring inspirational and uplifting select ambient pieces from the ARCHIVES, Schole, Shimmering Moods, and Unlabel Recordings Imprints.

Helios – Veridias (2018 :: Ghostly International, GI-322)

Title: Helios – Veridias Album Release Date: August 31, 2018 Written/Produced: Helios (Keith Kenniff) / http://www.unseen-music.com/ Mastering: Taylor Deupree / https://www.taylordeupree.com/ Cover: Oliver Barrett / https://oliverbarrett.com/ Graphic Design: Luke Twyman / http://whitevinyldesign.com/ Label: Ghostly International / https://ghostly.com/ Catalogue Number: GI-322 Genre: IDM, Chillout, Electronic Currently releasing classically-inclined piano music on the Western Vinyl label with his Goldmund alias, sweet pop with his... Continue Reading →

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