Ghostly International

Already an Essential Label, Ghostly International has serious creative resources to develop, recruit, and then arrange and record negotiations with new, brave, and innovative artists who are about to embark on a life journey to fame. Responsible for many artist negotiations, Ghostly International rediscovered Telefon Tel Aviv, signing “Map of What Is Effortless” and “Fahrenheit Fair Enough”. Ghostly International also has a longstanding and ongoing effort with Adult Swim, a Cartoon Network block of originally programming. Their first collaboration of this effort is called “Ghostly Swim” and you can pick it up whenever you want via Adult Swim for free. Headphone users beware, flash player will autoplay loud music if not blocked.

Fans of the Ghostly International Music label respect this music label because of the efforts to release truly genreless music, with the original motion to be free from restrictive tagging and genre labeling, giving the artist a sense of creative freedom to produce any kind of music and accompany any associated styles they’d like with it.

Ghostly’s new website is absolutely gorgeous. Every new day is a mystery for Ghostly. You never know what kind of unique content they are going to sign next. Ghostly sure seems to be a forward thinker, signing the artists of tomorrow today….

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