Codes In The Clouds – As The Spirit Wanes (2011 :: Erased Tapes, ERATP027)

Title: Codes In The Clouds - As The Spirit Wanes Album Release Date: 14 Jan, 2011 Written/Produced: Codes In The Clouds / Label: Erased Tapes / Catalogue Number: ERATP027 Genre: Post Rock Codes In The Clouds are an English rock band hailing from Dartford, Kent. In 2011, this album absolutely blew up. Previous work for Erased Tapes includes one other album,... Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh’s Underground: Lotuspike

Story originally spun off hearing Darshan Ambient's amazing album entitled "From Pale Hands To Weary Skies". Pittsburgh... is it a boring music scene? Well, not really. At least Lotuspike music said otherwise, or did in the past. Pittsburgh locals might consider visiting the Juke Records store on Liberty Avenue. Note that as Pittsburgh becomes a... Continue Reading →

Helios – Veridias (2018 :: Ghostly International, GI-322)

Title: Helios – Veridias Album Release Date: August 31, 2018 Written/Produced: Helios (Keith Kenniff) / Mastering: Taylor Deupree / Cover: Oliver Barrett / Graphic Design: Luke Twyman / Label: Ghostly International / Catalogue Number: GI-322 Genre: IDM, Chillout, Electronic Currently releasing classically-inclined piano music on the Western Vinyl label with his Goldmund alias, sweet pop with his... Continue Reading →

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