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Notes & About the label

Label exploration is always a joyous event which we (especially in a niche of electronic minimalist and ambient reflections) often seek out. Spending a large chunk of time and attention to specific labels that vet talent and take great pride whilst doing so to ensure a high quality sound is reflected has always been highly rewarding over here…

Delving into the realms of Polar Seas Recordings, it’s a label for drifting soundscapes for relaxation, or at other times — the minimalist hiss of reeling tapes paired with gentle transcendent sounds. Polar Seas is run with a burning passion for electronic music by Brad Deschamps, who puts emotions into pulsating sound as anthéne and is also half of North Atlantic Drift, along with Mike Abercrombie.

With a brief introduction aside, let’s talk about some of the most recent releases that have graced our ears.

andarctica – longview (2019 :: Polar Seas Recordings, psr-040)

andarctica is the ambient music project of brian barth
more music at
album art by emma mällinen
mastered by ian hawgood

Perfectly fitting for the weather around most parts of the world is andarctica’s latest cinematic LP, “meant“. Exploring the realms of field recordings, cinematic wave-forms, and gentle focused moments of tranquility is what you can expect to find on the 40th release of Polar Seas’ quality imprint.

(6) pro-dubbed cassettes are currently remaining at the time of writing.

Support on Bandcamp.

Strange Mountain II – Please Wait For Me, Please Wait Forever (2019 :: Polar Seas Recordings, psr-039)

Written and recorded by Marcel Thee at home, Jakarta, Indonesia
Cover photo by Ramadan Tobing 

Thee shares dreams and retrospects out of Indonesia with drifting weightless ambience, often relaxing to the point of touching sleep patterns as reflected in ‘As The Sun Parts, We Remain‘, the album opener.

Elsewhere (album closer) entitled ‘Sundown‘ explores gorgeous string therapy while floating and remaining close to the aesthetics of cloud hopping. A sense of calm nights and breezy winds over the sky reflection makes this track one of the best to relax…

Support on Bandcamp.

Andrew Tasselmyer – Places Real and Imagined (2018 :: Polar Seas Recordings, psr-032)

Cover image by Brian Young 
Mastered by Taylor Deupree
Remaining Tapes on Andrew Tasselmyer’s Bandcamp.

Late night vibes, crashing waves, oscillating perfection. Andrew Tasselmyer has inspired many on his journey to use sound as a tool to express feelings + connections to vibrant memories of specific places. Perhaps one of the most standout artists as of late with an array of lovely work, “Places Real and Imagined” is essential to any ambient soundscape fan.

Support on Bandcamp.

Various Artists – A Light, A Glimmer (2018 :: Polar Seas Recordings, psr-034)

Featured track: anthéne – whatever fire is burning

With a chunk of artists we’ve written about in the past —
James A McDermid
, Rhucle, Hotel Neon, Forest Management… this compilation specifically benefits Wishing Well Sanctuary. Wishing Well Sanctuary provides for animals in need and education for children and adults promoting compassion for our fellow species.

About the music :: With a stacked roster of artists trained in gentle ambient composition and a relaxing steady-state end product for listeners, this compilation supports charity and allows the chance of personal exposure to a high potential of 22 new artists to follow and cherish their unique works. Check it.

Support on Bandcamp.

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