Quentin Sirjacq – Companion (2019 :: Schole Records, SCH057)

A&R – Akira Kosemura
Artwork, Design and Art direction – Shin Kikuchi
All music composed by Quentin Sirjacq


Companion is the 4th solo album from Quentin Sirjacq in collaboration with Japanese label Schole. It follows Far islands and Near Places released in 2016, and features instruments like marimbas, vibraphone, glockenspiel and synthesizers along with the center, the piano.

In this new set of songs, the melodic touch and the delicate harmonies from the piano still radiate in parts but the way orchestrations and musical structures are transforming themselves during the songs — a bright new element in Sirjacq’s music.
Every track is a sort of journey starting in one place and finishing in another, slowly moving and unfolding through a mix of influences layering one another.
Gamelan, African polyrhythm, neo-classical, free jazz, electronic music & film music all collide here. Constructed on many varied layers of musical thinking and techniques, this album is yet very unique, accessible and beautiful.

For this new work Sirjacq has called some of the finest musicians of the french scene such as Julien Loutelier, Vincent Taurelle, Arnaud Lassus and Steve Argüelles.


  • Quentin Sirjacq – piano, synthesizers, harmonium (track 7), fender rhodes (track 3)
  • Julien Loutelier – drums (tracks 2-3-7-8), drum machine (track 1)
  • Arnaud Lassus – marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel (tracks 1-2-3-5-6)
  • Steve Argüelles – drums (track 8), conga (track 1)
  • Vincent Taurelle – additional synthesizers (tracks 1-2-7)
  • Special Guest :: Abel Sirjacq – whistling (track 6)
  • All music composed by Quentin Sirjacq
  • Recorded by Steve Argüelles at Plushspace and by Vincent Taurelle at studio La Marquise
  • Mixed & Produced by Hiroshi Iguchi, Vincent Taurelle and Quentin Sirjacq
  • Mastered by Hiroshi Iguchi
  • A&R – Akira Kosemura
  • Artwork, Design and Art direction – Shin Kikuchi
  • Sales promotion – Kazumitsu Yoshida, Romain Meril and Matthieu Burel
  • Production management – SCHOLE INC.


  1. Variations (9:17)
  2. Carol (5:54)
  3. Dance (5:54)
  4. Will You Be There (5:09)
  5. Organum (5:49)
  6. Companion (feat. Abel Sirjacq) (6:46)
  7. Harmonium (5:33)
  8. Choral (3:51)
“Featuring my son, gently whistling the melody as he used to do when I was composing the song…”
– Quentin Sirjacq via Facebook.

Review – AG – Feb 2019

Variations‘ begins “Companion” with a wave of satisfying isolated piano, which is later accompanied by an intricate layer of waved percussion elements. Later, Sirjacq’s creativity is heavily prevalent with a rich layer of transparent scales and bells. When all of this instrumentation comes together, Sirjacq’s genius ability showcases an intelligent, yet dance-floor ready vibe. It’s the constant genius creativity that Schole constantly chases and consistently signs. The work of a true audio production master. Amidst the brilliant musical chaos that explodes during ‘Variations‘, ‘Carol‘ transitions to heaven-sent melodic emotive piano. Implementing dreamy sound effect instrumentation flawlessly with electronic elements, a noticeable jazz element is also present. Before long, we witness an emotional gentle melody and fade out into wavy ambience. Next, in ‘Dance‘, marimba, shakers, and quirky instrumentation combine to produce exactly as described: dance. You know you want to. Traversing the rest of the track, quick fades into ambient pad layers drift and return to the featured dance-floor melodic goodness and add an elegant percussion solo, snare drum, with carefully crafted dynamics. Into the final moments of the track, we hear graceful shaker elements, brief marimba, and snare.

The middle of the album starts with ‘Will You Be There‘. The piano elements in this track really scream Schole with fitting modern classical beauty. Beautiful elegant slower piano elements allow the avid listener to slow down for a moment and witness the skilled array of talent from Sirjacq. Into the second half, glitchy electronic elements emerge out of notes heard previously in ‘Organum‘. It’s amazing to think that Quentin Sirjacq can compose a track of such electronic value, while also hearing beautiful modern classical arrays of beauty beforehand. Next, ‘Companion‘ returns to an elegant cinematic center, but adds some fun twists. Whistling is perfectly mixed alongside electronic elements; a perfect fireside reflection track with class. Before fading out into bliss, ‘Companion‘ features cinematic twinkling elements most commonly heard in post rock sounds. Transitioning to ‘Harmonium‘, the more experimental ambient side of Sirjacq is shown through vibrant harmonies of mesmerizing electronic instrumentation. Coined stories through sound, this track visits some of the best corners of dreamy cinematic electronica. The final track to this blissful story, ‘Choral‘, explores a different world and crosses it into the electronic realm. Jazz elements are reflected in this brief departure from dreamy Japan label Schole & visionary artist Quentin Sirjacq.

Follow / Support by ordering a CD / Digital :: https://quentinsirjacq.bandcamp.com/album/companion // https://schole.shop-pro.jp/?pid=138935078

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