anthéne – weightless (2019 :: Home Normal, HOMEN109)

As we open up our tenth year in existence, we are so happy to be releasing a work of personal significance for Brad Deschamps. His work as anthéne has established him as a unique voice in the ambient community for his beautifully grainy ambient textures, filled with subtle melodies and inherent warmth. Known for his lovely cassette work on his own Polar Seas imprint, anthéne has made an album that is thoughtful and refreshing; an album that is the perfect antidote to the harshest of winters. 

Written before the birth of his baby daughter, ‘weightless’ was made as an album for her to sleep to. With its slow-burning melodies and calming dusty noise fragments, it is such a cathartic and organic work. The greatest of ambient and minimal music often appears so simple in essence when it is anything but when you delve in, and in the aptly titled ‘weightless’ anthéne has really made a very special work of heart here, with the lightest and most careful of touches. 

Please enjoy this wonderful new album in all its sleepy winter glory.

–Home Normal

As previously notated, “weightless” is anthéne’s mesmerizing invitation into soothing ambiance for his newborn (and the rest of the world). In a sense, it’s one of the purest ideas from conceptualization to implementation. We feel that this release really shines or begs to be listened to in the moments just after waking up for the day, or in the middle of the night while surveying constellations.

Selected track: ‘wake

CDs / Digital available via Home Normal &
anthéne’s Bandcamp.
mastered by Ian Hawgood
cover photo by April Suen
dedicated to Shaleen and Saphiya

Review – AG – Feb 2019

The album begins with gentle fades and melodic warmth in ‘tethers‘; an introduction to the relaxation anthéne (Brad Deschamps) has to offer via creative talent. Continuing on to track two, ‘silver screen‘, we hear oscillations of teased post-rock chords develop over a bed of ambient haze. Perfect for daydreaming. ‘wake‘ pushes the listener forward with subtle lulls of perfected soft drone and holistic tones for drifting. The middle of the album is strongly stated within ‘coat of arms‘, where heavenly cinematic melody emerges from the electronic haze. As an avid listener continues their journey through anthéne’s sonic waves of relaxation, ‘etc.‘ stimulates a steady state with relaxing minimalist electronic sounds and subtle experimentation. Continuing on to ‘hours‘, a melody is teased throughout this piece, almost as if it were the soundtrack to a deep, vivid steady-state dream. Notable crackling and static hiss add to the level of dreamy soundscapes in ‘hours‘. Track 7, ‘wind catcher‘ returns to a calm, drone centered piece, where several melodic drifts drive the experience to a meditative state. An electronic hiss travels alongside the wind, and the listener experiences melody along the way. The last track on the album, ‘saphi‘ explores a more cinematic center while retaining the central harmonic scales of relaxation…

weightless” will remain special to us; Brad’s ability to create emotive, yet relaxing soundscapes through minimalistic ambient music is quite a gift to the ambient music community. Even more so to Brad’s daughter…

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