Shimmering Moods Trio :: Music For Sleep/Purl & Yamaoka/Luna Monk (Jan 2019)

Shimmering Moods Records starts off the 2019 calendar year stronger than ever with not one, nor two, but three releases. Continually distinguishing a unique identity within the realm of spaced electronic ambient music, the latest Shimmering Moods releases come from Music For Sleep AKA Andrea Porcu, Purl (Ludvig Cimbrelius) & Yamaoka (Kenichi Oka), and Luna Monk.

Luna Monk – Silent Odes (2019 :: Shimmering Moods Records)

Luna Monk’s latest exploration wholly reflects auditory aspects of
Shimmering Moods. “Silent Odes” is a reflection made from sounds collected in Welsh valleys and the Lake District. It features the flow of naturalistic water, hymns, and other peaceful explorations over mesmerizing, yet gentle melodies. These joyous sounds remind us of a calm, peaceful center where we can listen ever so closely and pause our busy lives, even for a moment. “Silent Odes” is an experience to be heard in full, a reminder of how amazing the world is around us.

Silent Odes on Bandcamp.

Music For Sleep – Waterforms (2019 :: Shimmering Moods Records)

There couldn’t have been a more appropriate time of the year for the likes of Shimmering Moods & Music For Sleep (Andrea Porcu) to release their latest stunning work. A one hour long-form composition entitled “Waterforms” mixes harmonic brilliance with subtle drones over the relaxing qualities of experiments into a deep water exploration. Melodic harmony occurs over this piece of eerie, yet relaxing sense of music for sleep. A sense of mystery will teleport the listener to a shore far away. After all, traveling doesn’t need to be done via car, plane, or boat…

Waterforms on Bandcamp.

Sculpture – Purl & Yamaoka (2019 :: Shimmering Moods Records)

Last, but not least out of the talented trio release from Purl & Yamaoka on Shimmering Moods comes “Sculpture“. Within “Sculpture,” an avid listener can expect brilliant arrays of melodic hazy piano and ambient textures. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a more uptempo reflection as featured in ‘Jaiburo’.

Sculpture on Bandcamp.

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