Adrian Lane – I Have Promises to Keep (2019 :: Preserved Sound, PS50)

All of my albums are quite different, often with differing instrumentation. On a compositional level, each has a strong sense of melody, while on an emotional level, there’s a sense of calm and melancholy. My work, both musically and visually, is about layers and how one layer interacts with another.

–Adrian Lane on his interview about “I Have Promises To Keep” via Preserved Sound.

Taking this mentality a step forward, the album cover (above) is one of Adrian Lane’s paintings that is close in terms of connection and emotive feeling to the music. Artistic talent, evolved, at its finest.

I put sheets of tin foil inside the piano to give a percussive, almost hi-hat like sound

Talent, in tandem with creativity create sweet harmonic piano-centric vibes (as often reflected within Preserved Sound’s talented roster of strong artist signings). It’s quite amazing to experience the diverse piano melodies that Lane is able to create throughout a 53 minute masterpiece of works.

Review – AG – Jan 2019

Favorite Track: ‘We Look for Landmarks

In ‘As Sand with Salt‘, the first track of “I Have Promises to Keep“, we are introduced to Lane’s creativity with elegant, graceful downtempo piano notes that unexpectedly evolve into an intelligent dance-floor vibe. Touching the spectrum of musical highs and lows, this album introduction is a treat: teasing Lane’s ability to create interesting soundscapes that always seem to develop into something new to grace the listener. In the next track, ‘Vantage Point‘, string layouts draw out the emotive feel of piano, spanning almost five minutes of eerie cloud melodies. ‘Similar Latitudes‘ explores a different aspect of the music, almost as a follow-up to the introduction track, but this brief interlude is up-front about the dancable intentions and mindset. ‘Disembarkation‘ follows in the footsteps of where Similar Latitudes left off with a funky sense of timekeeping and layered delectable arrays. Transitioning, the opening for ‘The First for Another Day‘ can’t help but to make us think of a cinematic, motivated moment right out of a dream, or a world-class film production. The gentle perfected notes and transcendent harmonies in ‘The First for Another Day‘ really bring across a sense of home, picturing the brand new slate of morning and the gentle breeze and smell of fresh air that comes with it. ‘Rumour on the Wind‘ seems to follow the airy cinematic mood as featured before it: crisp piano, and sweet, emotive motivating piano notes. Delving into the start of the middle of the road, ‘Some Still Cypress Shade‘ implements an interesting array of percussion elements right next to the piano center…

Moonset‘ starts off the second half of our journey with a brief dramatic pause following emotive notes. Following the starlight and Lane’s vision, we could never get lost. ‘To Fulfil the Promise‘ returns to exploring a fun bed of creative percussive sounds and the creative hues of Lane’s piano. ‘We Look for Landmarks‘ revisits a dreamy cinematic wonderland which might just define the point of music: to get lost in it. A display of class and motivational musical talent, as featured here, defines Preserved Sound’s mission statement and dedication to preserve beds of talent from titans such as Adrian Lane. ‘For When I Return‘ features a brief introduction via percussive intricacy and once again shows off Lane’s ability to continuously innovate. The rest of this shimmering track reflects around a main piano melody and returns to an emotive center with quieter moments of reflection. Later, ‘This is My Proof‘ features a rhythmic balearic melody that still manages to manifest as if it were out of a dream: let’s not forget Lane’s signature crisp piano sound. Next, ‘Close at Hand‘ is a carefully thought out track isolating experimentation and piano notes, a sincere one at that. ‘Close at Hand‘ could be reflected as a track to view a night sky, but the quirkiness of the percussion elements could lead the listener to interpret this track in any way… The final track (and title track), ‘I Have Promises to Keep‘ is a slow cinematic ballad that instills hope over the course of five minutes through dreamy piano notes and gentle percussion work…

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