Flau (Various Artists) – Circles (2018 :: flau, FLAU68)

Tokyo’s FLAU celebrates their 10 year anniversary with “Circles” (and we’ll continue to celebrate this wonderful treasure) — a waltz compilation. Congratulations! 10 [11] years is huge as an industry leader in forward-thinking electronic music: within the realms of synth-pop, catchy experimental sounds, emotive & heartfelt piano ballads, or any genre-spanning creativity where diversity always emerges through transcendent sounds. The waltz is also referred to as “a dance to draw circles” in Japan, so it was only natural for each featured artist to interpret their own meaning of waltz. All artists comes from several countries: Europe, South America, Australia, and Japan

flau’s owner invited as many of the featured artists as possible to Japan and deepened personal relationships on a tour. This compilation extends further beyond the sounds to deep interpersonal relationships…

Circles” is a masterclass lesson in cinematic emotive piano ballads. Deeply touching and resonating with the listener, world-class guests for this compilation include: Danny Norbury, Kanazu Tomoyuki, Ensemble 0, Fábio Caramuru, Otto A. Totland, Rayons, Sophie Hutchings, Frédéric D. Oberland, Hau, Takeo Toyama, & Maymay…

Support on Bandcamp // Support via flau.jp

Review – AG – Jan. 2019

Danny Norbury’s Waltz for Nowhere opens with a picture of floating amidst the unknown, with cinematic sounds that would be featured at a climax point for the happiest moments on earth. Next, Kanazu Tomoyuki emerges with the transcendent sounds of nature over soaring relaxed piano. Further into the track, emotive strings emerge for a sense of deep connections. Later, Ensemble 0 floats above clouds with Soñando 8: breathtaking guitar melodies, perfect for waking up amidst frosty dew mornings. Cinematic intelligent dance music. In 5a valsa brasileira, Fábio Caramuru shares an unforgettable text-book class classical piano harmony as we continue floating on clouds in this gifted compilation of world class talent. Halfway into the compilation, Otto A. Totland shares a waltz interpretation — a ballad entitled Grannys Waltz – Totland’s signature style usually follows a short and sweet duration, while begging the avid listener to listen just one more time and be fully inspired by the power of music. Rounding out the second half of the compilation, Rayons’ Merry-Go-Round mixes melody with cinematic twinkling and a heartfelt centerpiece compositional melody. Next, Sophie Hutchings’ My Love emerges with perfected gentle dynamics, evoking a sense of nostalgia through airy melody. Soon after, Frédéric D. Oberland emerges with a heavenly inspired downtempo guitar piece. Piano quickly finds a way into the mix, ever so gracefully during the middle of the track. Next, besides spoken word and twinkling experimentation, Hau emerges with an elegant piano piece for cloud travel, ‘Anywhere‘. Before long, Takeo Toyama reveals a wonderful interpretation of waltz, ‘Minority‘, reminding us of the relaxing elements of definitive classical pieces. A true virtuoso. Lastly, talented Maymay interprets waltz with a more balearic-sliced pulsating joyous guitar melody.

Flau’s “Circles” really shows off world-class talent from Danny Norbury, Kanazu Tomoyuki, Ensemble 0, Fábio Caramuru, Otto A. Totland, Rayons, Sophie Hutchings, Frédéric D. Oberland, Hau, Takeo Toyama, & Maymay, and to that extent, the exquisite A&R behind the scenes…

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