Adverb – Dub Protocol (2019 :: Etoka Records, EKAR049)

Recreation of previous feelings is possible by imitating the cause which developed them. With the right harmony, music can replace the cause, using a sound protocol. Past becomes present through listening, manipulating the volatile perception.

Etoka Records starts 2019 with one of the strongest addicting and genre defining stories through sound. The strong resonant melodies of resident Etoka Records scream late-night dub techno vibes, or at least that’s what protocol tells us.

Adverb – Dub Protocol

Mastered by Zero In Something
Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells

Adverb (AKA Balan Florin) & Etoka Records collaborate for one of the strongest defining short and sweet late-night vibe EPs, Dub Protocol. Wishy-washy balearic dub vibes make their way through the night in Volatile. Next, in the second track of the EP, self-titled Dub Protocol, we receive the true goods teased earlier on; an intelligent soundscape emerges out of the cloudy sky. Spanning nine minutes, this true treat features outer-worldly sound experimentation while retaining a central dance-floor melody. Manipulate rounds out the EP with a strong, defining breakbeat melody. Fitting oscillation of sound manipulation is evident and in full force mid-way into Manipulate

Dub Protocol is a true treat for intelligent dance-floor vibe lovers and an entryway point into a deeper meditative state with glitchy manipulated reflections.

Support Etoka Records & Adverb via Bandcamp

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