Robert Farrugia – Adrift (2019 :: Archives, Archives53)

Adrift is Robert Farrugia’s 7th album, and his third release on the Archives imprint, following Slow Morning & Tines. Dedicated to his brother, Matthew, talented Malta resident Farrugia continues to impress with sheer creative twists and signature lo-fi textured brilliance.

It [Adrift] touchingly discusses the feelings of uncertainty and optimistic doubt that come with maturation and onset adulthood.

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Certainly a feeling all of us can easily relate to, Adrift is a heaven-sent guide for lost travelers, or a shining point of reference for those who seem to have figured out life’s varying vicissitudes.

Support on Bandcamp via Digital, Compact Disc, or Vinyl. (Releases
January 11, 2019)

Mastering by Taylor Deupree //
Photography by Alexander Kopatz //
Archives53 // ArchivesCD34
Archives / 2019

Review – AG – Jan 2019

The album opener, ‘Textures‘ immediately features warped sounds of nostalgic yesteryear. Something of a dream transitions into Farrugia’s signature stack of dreamy textures and notable minimalistic experimentation. It’s quite easy to close your eyes and imagine floating over nature, as pictured in the album art, while listening to this inspiring hazy ambient music. Later, a beat pattern fades into the horizon line of inspiration, rounding out the end of the opening track, ‘Textures‘. Transitioning to ‘Stargazing,’ glitchy, grainy textures emerge for the perfect view of midnight constellations. Take a look, close your eyes, what do you see? Delicate airy pads feature nostalgia through a sense of warmth and twinkling sound effects, reminding us to take a moment to breathe after a long day. Continuing on this journey through the stars, ‘Lo-Fi Dreams’ emerges, showing off Farrugia’s talented gift to isolate beautiful lo-fi textures. Near the middle of the track, a subtle pattern emerges amidst the midnight reflection. Midnight bliss. After an emotive pause, a breathtaking piano melody is gently tucked under organic beats and a fade out into the sky. Next, ‘Topographies‘ continues to explore warm, delicate textures in a whirlwind track, full of emotive value. After oscillating textures and more dramatic experimentation occurs, a delicate pattern crashes into the mixed nostalgia. Notes of mixed percussion elements and layered late-night dancefloor melodies occur during the latter half of the track. ‘Topographies‘ once again proves that talented Farrugia is capable of delivering textures throughout the vast electronic spectrum. In the middle of the album, ‘Daylight Saving‘ emerges, composed alongside Robert’s brother, Matthew. Feelings of hope and everlasting motivation specifically cross paths with the avid listener in Daylight Saving. Anything is possible when you dedicate yourself fully to the emergent task at hand. Over starlight, emotive cloudy piano deepens the feeling of hope amidst the uncertainty of growing up; this piano ballad should serve as a reference point for anytime those feelings occur. We are strong with the power of musical composition. Delving into the latter half of the album, reversed textures lead into a motivated synth inspired melody in ‘Roots‘. A beat pattern and occasional percussion elements meet the haze and support this elegant soundscape. Piano and cheeky percussion elements mix perfectly for a meditative experience. Next, ‘Inertia‘ shows off the deeper side of Farrugia’s compositional talent, waving emotive piano melodies amidst layered inviting beat patterns. In the last of original productions featured on the album, ‘Evening Lights‘ emerges for a reflection of the lush textures and melodic goodness that Farrugia brings to the table with ‘Adrift‘. After this reflective, airy meditative experience drifts slightly, we transition into the masterwork remix of label-head Agus Mena, AKA Warmth. In the remix of Stargazing, Warmth supports Farrugia’s dreamy vision by exploring a layered array of drone and chillout vibes, urging the listener to slow down and take a breath of fresh textures…

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