Northerner – End Of The Holiday (2018 :: Home Assembly Music, HAM019)

Home Assembly Music // HAM019

Black Vinyl & Special edition Silver Vinyl still available on Bandcamp.

Northerner, AKA Martin Cummings & Home Assembly are both quality acts and music labels, respectively, that we’ve been following for quite sometime. Northerner’s newest album on Home Assembly touches the right tones and intricate spots of the electronic and post rock spectrums. With colorful in-depth tones seamlessly integrated into arrays of electronic harmonies, this album takes a spot as one of the best albums of 2018.

Review – AG – Jan, 2019

Principi‘ opens “End Of The Holiday” with dreamy guitar chords. An electronic melody is established quickly with smooth beat slices. Seamless integration of post rock and electronic elements allow for perfect gentle moments of mellow relaxation. ‘Final D’Estiu‘ opens a whole new world of danceable intelligence with an interesting, but unexpected convergence of post rock inspired melodies and dance floor harmonics. Our favorite Northerner track to date. ‘Dijous‘ continues the journey with a playful sense of post rock fun amidst the haze of downtempo guitar and beat experimentation. Next, ‘Nomus Jo‘ takes a more relaxed approach to the electronic style: intertwining guitar elements with a creative array of textures. A dreamy track for reflection, sure. ‘Una Nocio‘ opens with a perfectly defined sound range. A steady gentle, elegant guitar melody soars gently above an oscillating beat pattern. In ‘Perque T’Estimo,’ we continue to experience the joyous ground work which has been laid out for us in previous tracks. The haunting arrangement of Perque T’Estimo really shows talented Northerner’s ability to create a vibed chillout track and to that extent, steady feel throughout the album. Such moments where the guitar melody is perfectly audible when it seems as time has frozen elsewhere spell out and evoke relaxing times. Transitioning, drifting…

Arribait Al Final‘ is the last track on this inspiring downtempo masterwork. Immediately, it is made known that Northerner is capable of producing vibes that are still fun on the dance floor, but respect traditional elements of a post rock electronic sound. In tandem, the harmonious guitar elegance and subtle, yet catchy beat pattern make for a perfect track. The final piece on this album, ‘A L’Estiu El Nostre Pare Ens Va Deixar‘ echoes fused elements across the spectrum of collective shimmer that has just been presented to us. It’s a journey combining these elements and some vocal experimentation over clouds. Music is the journey.

Support via Bandcamp // More info via Home Assembly

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