Rhucle – Fade In / Dimitar Dodovski – Predeli (2019 :: hibernate, Postcard 41/42)

Ahh, the meditative state that hibernate recordings brings us. First up for 2019 from one of the most reputable and supportive labels of the ambient electronic music community: Rhucle’s Fade In, Postcard 41, and Dimitar Dodovski’s Predeli, Postcard 42.

Rhucle – Fade In / Dimitar Dodovski – Predeli via Bandcamp

hibernate on Bandcamp // hibernate-recs.uk

Rhucle – Fade In (2019 :: hibernate, Postcard 41)


  1. Fade In (05:33)
  2. Embed (06:45)
  3. Limited Style (03:39)
  4. Loop And Loop (04:03)

Total length: 20:00

Fade In‘ features outer-worldly divine textures with oscillating synths for moments of intense focus. Over a hazy backdrop of fine organic nature sounds and subtle noise, a shimmering melody unfolds inside this beautiful piece. Deep melodies continue and unfold into mystical wonder in ‘Embed‘ whilst the avid listener is subtly influenced by the title and unforgettable oscillation with a soundscape that inevitably begs for a repeat. Next, in ‘Limited Style,’ we land over field notes of forest life and evoked midnight melodies for relaxation. Stop for a moment and observe the nature around you, just for a moment, as sounds of Fade In suspend time. In the final track to these delicate blissful moments, ‘Loop And Loop,’ exploration continues with via forest life and flowing movement of water. Transcendent harmonies for daydreaming or night exploration.

Favorite track: Limited Style

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Dimitar Dodovski – Predeli
(2019 :: hibernate, Postcard 42)


  1. Predel (i) (06:40)
  2. Predel (ii) (06:39)
  3. Predel (iii) (04:12)
  4. Predel (iv) (03:01)

Total length: 20:32

The grace of Dimitar Dodovski’s original productions is always welcome and respected throughout the electronic music community…

With the airy textured sense of Dodovski’s signature vibes, Predeli opens with ‘Predel (i)‘: a wonderful layered transcendent introduction. Shortly after the introduction of the track, spaced vibes merge into a slowed breathtaking ethereal pattern of textures. Balearic vibes inside of a deep soundscape. Unbelievable, earth-moving and inspiring work from Dodovski. As the waves continue in ‘Predel (ii)‘, a vibrato hiss seamlessly integrates an imminent textured array of wonder. Perfect harmonics guide the way through an abstract journey that is ever so ambiguous, but makes a strong statement for the uniqueness of abstract vibes. A late night
dance-floor vibe emerges inside of the abstract textures. Dodovski is equipped to evoke electronic vibes across the electronic spectrum. ‘Predel (iii)‘ continues this trippy journey through carefully placed tones and blissful vibes. Abstract electronic music at the very best, Predel (iii) is a breathtaking arrangement of fresh ideas and layered sonic production. Pulsing, drifting wonders of mystical sound. The last brilliantly diverse production on this EP, ‘Predel (iv)‘ invites the listener to join on another unpredictable beat through textural treatments and organic acoustic elements. Dodovski’s signature set of textures returns to close out this stunning EP full of surprises and organic wavy vibes through abstract layers.

Favorite track: Predel (ii)

Support Dimitar Dodovski on Bandcamp // Follow Dimitar Dodovski on Soundcloud

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