Alex Bober – Purity (2018 :: Archives, ARCHIVES51)

Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Photography by Alexander Kopatz //
Archives51 // ArchivesCD32
Digital / CD
Archives / 2018

Bober’s first full length lives up to the legendary status and acclaimed enormous talent/A&R of the Archives music label. A huge congratulations is overly due to Bober for producing such an inspiring first full length… thank you!

  1. Caress (5:11)
  2. Paper Boat (5:46)
  3. Explore (6:16)
  4. Summertime (5:37)
  5. Elle (4:23)
  6. Purity (4:48)
  7. Steps (4:26)
  8. Adventures (4:59)

Favorite track: Adventures

Review – AG – January 2019

In ‘Caress,’ the album opener, shimmering downtempo notes graces the listener as a static hiss slowly fades in and out with the addition of Bober’s foray into nature’s wonders. Before long, Purity seamlessly transitions into ‘Paper Boat‘ where a mix of delicate tones, vocal hymns, and the flowing sounds of a heavenly guitar melody. After this exuberant downtempo of stray notes is introduced, an audible string of meditative vocal samples emerges as a tandem focal point, flowing seamlessly with emotive ranges. Later, in ‘Explore,’ the listener is invited to experience ambient reflections. After a proper introduction, subtle, yet precious guitar notes emerge inside of an intricate playful soundscape. ‘Summertime‘ paints a picture-perfect moment of the summer sun with warm, beautiful delicate textures. Field notes emerge as forte arrays take over. An experimental track from higher places. Amidst the hazy soundscapes, a gentle melody emerges and exits into the sun as quickly as it emerged. Next, in ‘Elle, ‘ glitchy arrays of textured ambient sounds emerge. Perhaps a perfect moment for enjoying Elle would be over the reflections of a bright, midnight moon. The self-titled album track, ‘Purity‘ features a slowly growing heavenly melodic journey, with notes of oscillating experiments along the way. ‘Steps‘ features a wavy staccato line before introducing patterns of soaring off-beat melodic guitar, just tucked under the melody. The album closer, ‘Adventures, ‘ closes out the sonic debut from Alex Bober with intelligently arranged pads and textures, leaving this journey open to individual interpretation and exploration. As we venture further into the unknown, an unforgettable cinematic moment comes to light, weaving between field atmosphere and organic sounds of forest life.

Support Alex Bober & Archives on Bandcamp via Digital or CD.

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