[Premiere] Luis Miehlich – Koyomi (Forthcoming 1.1.19)

A calendar of imperfections. 

-Serene soundscape creator Luis Miehlich at a critical, yet defining moment.

Following Luis Miehlich (Woolookologie’s) recent earth-moving inspiring album, Silences, on the Archives music label, Luis continues where he left off by telling intricate stories through sonic, wavy sounds and drifting ambient haze for meditation & relaxation.

A more personal piece at the center, “Koyomi” represents Luis’ latest set of gifts to the world. Erder returns with a guest feature for ‘October 04‘.

Hear the breathtaking ‘March 12‘ taken from forthcoming “Koyomi” below. The full release drops January 1, 2019.

‘March 12‘ from Koyomi” by Luis Miehlich.
Released: 2019. Track 2.
  1. February 16 (Southwards) (4:37)
  2. March 12 (5:00)
  3. April 04 (Drops pt.1) (6:19)
  4. April 12 (5:59)
  5. April 22 (6:33)
  6. May 05 (6:26)
  7. July 25 (7:00)
  8. August 08 (12:05)
  9. September 22 (7:49)
  10. October 04 (with Erder) (6:41)
  11. November 29 (Drops pt.2 & 3) (11:42)
  12. December 02 (7:43)

Making the story more personal, here are some words of sheer visionary context from Luis:

In late 2017, I dusted off my hardware setup and started making a few pieces with it again (now released with last year’s “winter collection“), which was a lot of fun and made me want to try making a full length project with it. 

Winter Collection ’17

During my other projects throughout the year, I started recording these pieces, first rather aimlessly, later with more thoughts about concept. They’re all live-sessions, usually made in one sitting and one take, mostly hard to replicate. My methods and approaches changed quite a bit over time, the first pieces were recorded to a Zoom R16, the second half through a hardware mixer onto a single track in Ableton
Some pieces have some
overdubs, some don’t; some are purely electronic, others feature some guitar or other instruments. 
Thank you for listening!

Some of the gear used: 

  • MFB Microzwerg 
  • Korg SQ-1 
  • Korg Electribe MX 
  • Mutable Instruments Rings 
  • Korg MicroKorg 
  • Yamaha MX49 
  • Roland SH-201 
  • Korg Monotribe 
  • Korg Monotron Delay 
  • Behringer Neutron (October 04) 
  • Yamaha MT100 (4-track tape deck) 
  • Zoom G2.1u (effects unit) 
  • Various other instruments – guitars, kalimba, piano, flute…

Thank you, Luis, for continuing to inspire through meditative sounds!

Pre-order & Support Luis Miehlich’s “Koyomi

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