Sun Sea Sky x3 :: An Heirloom, Data Rebel & Spinger (A 2018 end-year Retrospective)

Charleston, IL residents Sun Sea Sky Productions are purveyors of high-quality, intricate and involved intelligent harmonics. Data Rebel & Spinger have recently paved paths for clear skyline travel & An Heirloom make a creative statement with involved layered ethereal productions and soaring vocals. These three end year releases are strong concrete examples of Sun Sea Sky’s forward-thinking vision for addicting melodic goodness, but these purveyors released many additional solid releases during 2018:

Data Rebel – Retrospective (2018 :: Sun Sea Sky, SSS095)

One of the most inspiring euphoric, uplifting electronic artists in the scene: Data Rebel AKA Danny Howe out of Grimsby, UK. Data Rebel is responsible for three tracks on Sun Sea Sky’s blissful standout compilation”Of Tree” earlier this year along with progressive euphoria titans Mokhov, SineRider, & Melorman.

With Retrospective, Grimsby resident Data Rebel officially joins Sun Sea Sky with a full length, reflecting upon six years of forward thinking bliss, and at other moments, intricate intelligent soundscapes.

Nova Skies‘ joins creative compositions, notably, such as Jet Stream on Of Tree. You don’t need wings or an airplane to fly through clear skies over harmonic goodness; look to Data Rebel for inspiration. Euphoric haze. ‘Lost in Dam Central‘ continues the visionary’s journey with whooshing layered crunchy melodic production. In ‘Kalide,’ inspired beat patterns steadily grace the listener, before a sudden sense of mystical haze emerges alongside of glitchy samples. Next, ‘Silent Running’ features the more downtempo-forward styles of masterwork artist Data Rebel. A beat pattern slowly emerges as natural scales grace the listener in tandem. Perhaps one of the best examples of uniqueness within Data Rebel’s production: the creation of multiple euphoric patterns for cloud reflection is featured in ‘Silent Running’. ‘Following Seven’ continues this awe-inspiring journey with spoken word samples, evoking a precise time and place as oscillating harmonies sneak up on avid listener. ‘The Unknown‘ evokes a sense of complete meditative airy spaced bliss. As the main beat emerges, it is quickly toppled over by a sense of euphoria. ‘Think of View‘ continues the sonic journey through clouds with a gentle cinematic moment, leading unexpectedly into an exciting beat with precisely placed patterns. A breathtaking melody emerges in the meantime. Near the middle of the track, this cinematic masterpiece unfolds into meditative peak-hour relaxation. Data Rebel is a true genius of audio engineering. ‘Solaris’ continues this hazy inspired reflection with outer-worldly vibes, spoken word and breathtaking sampling all within the realms of a baleric-filled center. ‘Patera‘ evokes minimalist chords of shimmering dreams before naturally unfolding into one of the most beautiful tracks featured on Retrospective. A breath of sonic beat patterns takes flight over soaring melodic harmony. Regardless of the total cargo load for avid listeners, Patera easily makes you float on a textured cloud nine. ‘Walk Away‘ continues this album with diversified sounds of elegance. A beat pattern evolves into perfectly pitched piano vibes before fading out into the unknown.

Delving into the second half of sonic phenom Data Rebel’s Retrospective, catchy stratospheric vibes emerge alongside outer-worldly sampling in ‘Helium‘. Next, ‘Electrode‘ emits wishy-washy poignant beat patterns as the main melody fades in and out. In ‘Angular,’ we take a break from the madness; subtle downtempo notes emerge in the jet stream of Data Rebel’s creativity. Teases of euphoria emerge before finally introducing an enigmatic melody, cleverly-written compositions as always… After, in ‘Tortoise,’ oscillation occurs alongside crosswinds of mid-flight synthesis. Crunchy, raw organic beats grace the listener over as subtle melody slowly and carefully emerges. ‘Tendril‘ contains deep reflections into sound, where cinematic meditative sounds grace an avid listener. Classic Data Rebel patterns emerge in an array of carefully arranged textures. ‘Ullinish‘ features the sounds of field harmonics, where we witness an acoustic melody that quickly cross-fades into sights of the unknown. Flowing naturalistic sounds of water, eerie electronics, and the sound of visual mystical haze through sound. As a predominantly euphoric electronic producer, Grimsby resident Howe shows his deeper ambient side. Skillful masterwork throughout the electronic spectrum. ‘Invisible World‘ continues this hazy journey with outer-worldly experimental sounds that seamlessly cross-fade and co-exist with organic beat patterns. A fourth into the track, reflective melodies emerge alongside interesting experimental noise, engineered for emotive value. ‘Ecliptic‘ once again returns to deeper roots, before a dancable cerebral melody emerges throughout carefully arranged sonic textures. ‘Synthetik‘ takes outer-worldly vibes to a new level with riveting free-form patterns with a catchy time signature. The last track in this Retrospective of sonic patterns, ‘Galaktika,’ features intricate reflections of Data Rebel’s signature forward-thinking wavy sound — immediately connecting with the visionary A&R of Sun Sea Sky.

Spinger – Internecine (2018 :: Sun Sea Sky, SSS094)

Newcomer label artist Spinger, hailing from London, UK joins Sun Sea Sky’s roster of creative musicians and emotive uplifting melody creators with “Internecine“.

Shadow Map‘ begins “Internecine” with fading transcendent euphoria via oscillating melodies and sharp rhythmic tones. Playful intelligent instrumentation reflects over beats. Next, in the second track, ‘Protocol,’ creative crisp beats lead into a cinematic adventure in a far away mysterious place. Spinger explores deep outer-worldly euphoric vibes. As side tangents emerge with creative layers, the main construct of the track is cross-faded seamlessly into soft, warm melodic breakdowns. So gentle, but yet so uplifting and inspiring. Before ‘Protocol‘ ends, the melodic harmony drives a full force ahead of things to come…

Track three, entitled ‘Subsurface‘ teleports the listener to another place in time with balearic samples. After the introduction, an interesting beat pattern emerges. ‘Subsurface‘ is a track for dreamers stuck inside a deep cognition trail. ‘Initial Tests Indicate’ begins with a downtempo tease that slowly drifts for a few moments. Balearic vocal chops immediately occupy an atmospheric, glitchy space of twinkling electronica. A break-beat quickly emerges alongside of soaring cleverly placed vocals. ‘Behind Holes‘ features melodic piano and late-night experiments for skylines. In ‘Redacted,’ we experience a whirlwind of emotive, ethereal soundscapes that slowly evolve into reflective ambience to round out the second half of the album. ‘Point Cloud‘ paints a vivid picture through sound. Intricate oscillating harmonies transition into dreamy beats above midnight-themed piano. Before long, glitchy elements return, seamlessly fading in and out over pure organics. ‘Tunneling‘ explores deeper levels of cognition within the human psyche: spanning reflective haze among minimalistic beats and euphoria. Spinger’s debut for Sun Sea Sky excels at its goals by introducing the listener to the dreamy diverse world of this UK resident sonic melody creator.

An Heirloom – An Heirloom (2018 :: Sun Sea Sky, SSS092)

Like Soldiers‘ introduces us to the world of An Heirloom with strong euphoric chords and twinkling involved sound effects. After the introduction, heavenly vocals soar over bassline melodies. The second track evokes a sense of autonomous sensory meridian response, ‘Intervals‘ continues An Heirloom’s creative journey, evoking a sense of atmosphere with the organic sound of nature. Perfectly aligned beats can’t help but make you want to dance alongside strong production and meaningful vocals.

The most touching track on this creative EP (in our opinion), ‘Strides‘ immediately evokes a full range of emotive bliss, with a slower cinematic introduction and heavenly post rock twinkling over shoegaze-esc teases of the track’s main vocal feature. Classic Sun Sea Sky. Melodic, strong compositions. Ever so graceful and delicate vocals emerge among instrumentation and glitchy soundscapes. The soundtrack to dreams…

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Thank you for reading and thank you for your continued support as always. Happy holidays!


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