Sound In Silence New Releases x2: The Gentleman Losers & Umber (SIS058 // SIS059)

Sound In Silence is one of the most consistent labels known in this day and age for their signing of post-rock and ambient electronica acts of pure inspiring quality. Run by the inspirational George Mastrokostas out of Athens, Greece, releases are assembled by hand from the ground up to make music more personal as they always should be. George also produces music as Absent Without Leave and will always be an inspiration to the electronic and post-rock music communities with label and music ventures. If there’s anything to be learned from the miles of inspirational releases and acts that George has signed, it’s that you should follow Sound In Silence’s journey across the world, in the process, listening from the heart. Sound In Silence’s latest two releases, Umber’sThis Earth To Another” and The Gentleman Losers’ Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter” really show the label’s ear for talent and signing relaxing & fulfilling delicacy…

Umber – This Earth To Another (2018 :: Sound In Silence, sis059)

Sound In Silence: Umber’s second full-length album, five years since his debut came out. An album full of shimmering ambient textures and ethereal soundscapes, with hints of atmospheric post-rock and slow moving electronica, that will appeal to anyone moved by the music of artists such as Helios, Hammock and Epic45.

Music – Alex Steward (Umber)
Sound In Silence // sis059
CD / Digital
Released December 11, 2018.


  1. Altered Fragments (05:23)
  2. From This Earth To Another (04:42)
  3. Harvest (05:44)
  4. It Just Fills The Hollow Spaces (02:18)
  5. Multnomah (03:11)
  6. Harvest (Slow) (11:58)
  7. Grape And Grain (05:19)
  8. Low Tide (05:08)

Total length: 43:43

Favorite track: Harvest

Altered Fragments‘ begins Umber’s second full length album to date with dreamy post-rock cinematics for stargazing. Shimmering soundscapes relate to explorations of the unknown through vivid sensory reflections. ‘From This Earth To Another‘ seamlessly crossfades by continuing where ‘Altered Fragments‘ left off. A faint beat pattern emerges in the background, which is eventually revealed to be gentle guitar notes above twinkling harmonics. Umber’s true creativity is reflected throughout this graceful, elegant track for dreamers. Next, in ‘Harvest,’ downtempo notes emerge ever so slightly over the introduction to the track. Perhaps the carefully placed melodic notes of ‘Harvest‘ best describe Umber’s signature sound with nostalgic reflections of interpretable nested memories. ‘Harvest‘ truly allows the listener to relax and put their mind at ease after a long day…

Later, in ‘It Just Fills The Hollow Spaces,’ gentle experiments into sound structures fill the atmosphere with spaced out vibes and music for reveries. ‘Multnomah‘ continues the journey, featuring gentle guitar notes with a matching underlying structure. As a track that inspires with playful melodies, ‘Multnomah‘ is great for a slow snowy winter reflection. Drawing out emotive brilliance, the sixth track on the album returns to Harvest with a chilled ambient haze. ‘Grape And Grain‘ features the soft lulls of guitar notes constructed around firm beats and grainy tones. Lastly, the album closer, ‘Low Tide‘ returns to Umber’s center with perfectly aligned dynamics and an intricate atmosphere to once again reflect and dream over stars…

The Gentleman Losers – Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter (2018 :: Sound In Silence, sis058)

Sound In Silence: Their [The Gentleman Losers] fourth full-length album that intelligently mixes elements of ambient, lo-fi, electronica and post-rock. The Gentleman Losers are well known for their highly acclaimed releases on labels such as City Centre Offices and have gained high worldwide praises and placements on several year-end lists.

Music – The Gentleman Losers
Sound In Silence // sis058
CD / Digital
Released December 11, 2018.
  1. Shelter From The Rain (04:04)
  2. Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter (05:42)
  3. Book Of Leaves (05:29)
  4. Always Crashing On The Same Wave (04:35)
  5. Fish Roam In Winter Water (03:35)
  6. Turning To Gold (03:54)
  7. Kingdom Of The Wind (07:49)
  8. Bend Low, Sweet Branch, Bend Low (04:52)

Total length: 40:00

Favorite track: Turning To Gold

Beginning with lo-fi grain of yesteryear, The Gentleman Losers emerge with their fourth full album “Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter” via the standout Sound In Silence music label. On the introduction track to the album, ‘Shelter From The Rain.’ Soft and steady guitar guide the listener, providing a tease of things to come over the next 40 minutes of their lives. Looping and wonky harmonics quickly fill the listener’s ears in ‘Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter‘. Suddenly, soulful emotive notes replace the introduction experiments. The title track unfolds into a perfect picture of tranquil beauty, through sound in silence. Transported to a specific time and place, an imminent change of the winter season, The Gentleman Losers truly evoke a myriad palate of feelings with unique sounds and synths across the board. Continuing on their creative journey, ‘Book of Leaves’ returns to shimmering post rock roots and visions of snowy summits. ‘Book of Leaves‘ is an example of retrospective emotive music at the highest peak. At the midpoint of the album, ‘Always Crashing On The Same Wave‘ begins with concrete experiments into sound. Gentle relaxation of peak hour guitar greets the listener at the next corner. Melodies are evoked, seamlessly implementing the goodness of drifting synths, meditative guitar, and the cracks and pops of winter. Twinkling sound effects emerge before this masterpiece slowly fades out into the sunset.

The second half of the album is evoked with ‘Fish Roam In Winter Water‘ where the lo-fi goodness, most notably previously audible in ‘Shelter From The Rain‘. Around halfway into the track, spoken word emits a specific time and place (and to that extent additional emotive value) to an avid listener. ‘Turning To Gold‘ features wonky harmonics and carefully placed piano notes for downtempo moments of relaxation. Emotive value and creative talent are abundantly clear: The Gentleman Losers are cinematic masters of meditative perfection, at other times outer-worldly vibes. Diverse sounds, transcendent pathways through the winter season. Next to last, ‘Kingdom Of The Wind‘ steps towards echos and reverbed transient sounds, perhaps drifting deeper into the wonders of nature. The last track on Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter,  ‘Bend Low, Sweet Branch, Bend Low‘ teases listeners with consistent experiments into sound, while soaring electronics and fine guitar work. The beautiful change of seasons is imminent… 

Support The Gentleman Losers’ “Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter”

Support Umber’sThis Earth To Another

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