user_ambiguous – Whispers Of A Dream (2017 :: Shimmering Moods, SHMCD033)

Production – user_ambiguous
Mastered by Early Reflections
Shimmering Moods 2017 // SHM CD033
CD // Digital


  1. The beauty of inner landscapes (09:04)
  2. Contemplation (05:21)
  3. A beach in winter (10:04)
  4. Dimension of the mind less known (10:00)
  5. A waking angel stirs (Words – James Allen) (09:21)
  6. Dreaming with awareness (08:26)
  7. Reminder of nature (07:26)
  8. Forgiveness (10:22)

Total length: 01:10:04

Favorite track: The beauty of inner landscapes

A mysterious figure in the electronic music community appears on Shimmering Moods’ Meditations 1 with two standout meditative tracks…

Shortly after, we see user_ambiguous return to Shimmering Moods with their full length elements of perfection on “Whispers Of A Dream.” The first track on this full length, ‘The beauty of inner landscapes’ contains a whirlwind of vivid emotions through shimmering ambience. After precision notes lull a listener into a meditative state, melodies are carefully established and elevated to emotive values. The natural escalation of harmonics in this track foreshadows things to come in further album soundscapes. Near the halfway point of the track, central melodies are reflected with forte sound inside of uplifting soundscapes. Shimmering Moods. After the melody is seamlessly reconnected from the bridge of the track, inner landscapes slightly fade to a lower level of quieter, precious moments. ‘Contemplation’ lays out a bed of playful electronica. After the introduction to the track, we hear interesting, but ever so quirky sound effects emerge in the background. Immediately, the sound effects transition into the naturalistic flow of water. Wavy, organic vibes are reflected through constantly changing and evolving scales and audible dynamics. Audible waves fade into the whispers of dream remnants. Next, in ‘A beach in winter,’ audible birds and water organics paint a picture of a breezy beach that has been invaded slightly by snowfall. Twinkling soundscapes guide the listener among this transcendent experience. Next, ‘Dimension of the mind less known‘ teleports the listener to a hidden path where the eeriness of haze and mystery emerge as contributors to this abstract exploration through time, space, and environments. Later, an intelligent beat pattern emerges alongside melodic scales. Distant emotive vocal patterns emerge near the end of the track. One might also refer to these as the whispers which were sought out for initially at the beginning of the album. Traveling. Transportation back from deep meditative states…

Dreaming with awareness‘ rounds off the second half of the album by sampling the joys of nature again – the flow of waves crashing into harmony. Along a similar cognition trail as evoked during ‘Dimension of the mind less known,’ minimalistic harmony emerges with a simple, soft beat pattern over the swirls of nature — reflections of musical beauty. The dream delves deeper with cinematic chords reminiscent of inspirational soundtrack realms, all within the reveries of user_ambiguous. Faded spoken word is audible in ‘Reminder of nature‘ as waves crash and soar around an avid listener. Suddenly, it’s as if the album has shifted gears to a field soundscape with minimalistic melodies. Open-air chords emerge midway through ‘Reminder of nature,’ where user_ambiguous certainly shines with their best work. Radiant shimmering soundscapes emerge from organic nature. In the final track to “Whispers Of A Dream,” the eight-piece sonic and moving full-length from the unknown, we witness the full power of hazy downtempo ambient electronic music in ‘Forgiveness;’ healing late-night grooves that restore the center balance which most of us chase daily…

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