Luis Miehlich – Silences (2018 :: Archives, ARCHIVES47)

Written and Produced by Luis Miehlich, except: 
Track 3 with Erder (
Track 6 with Devin Powers/SineRider (
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Photography by Brian Young, rest in peace.

Words by AG, December 2018.

Luis Miehlich AKA Woolookologie is no stranger to the creation of beautiful modern art. His latest work, “Silences” on the heavenly Archives label run by Agus Mena is easily one of the best works of 2018. SineRider and Erder also appear on this release as guests. Agus has quite the ear for talent, and Luis is one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet, just look at all the music he puts out to the community as ‘Name Your Price’ on his Bandcamp.

  1. Rain’s Embrace (7:00)
  2. 夜風 (7:04)
  3. Observatory (with Erder) (7:29)
  4. Starlight (5:15)
  5. St. Aygulf (6:55)
  6. Plains (with SineRider) (6:08)
  7. Tear (8:16)
  8. Spring Haiku 1 (5:10)
  9. Spring Haiku 2 (4:42)
  10. 海風 (7:03)

Favorite track: Spring Haiku 1

Rain’s Embrace‘ begins this serene album geared towards relaxation with hazy rain as the title suggests with the addition of fading electronic bliss. In ‘夜風,’ or ‘Night Wind‘, subtle harmonic melodies emerge with audible nature soundscapes. As one of the quieter tracks on the album, you can tell ‘夜風‘ was specifically designed with well being and mindfulness reflection on Luis’ creative genius mind. ‘Observatory‘ continues the story and features Erder as a guest artist. Meditative soundscapes fill the first minute of Observatory; before long, strong, but elegant pulsating memories are told through sound. ‘Starlight‘ shows Luis’ most creative and unique side with perfectly pitched experimental guitar over cloudy cinematic haze. At the midway-point of the album, ‘St. Aygulf‘ involves aviary sounds, organic nature, and Luis’ signature chords. At the midway point of St. Aygulf, drifting melodic sounds are evoked over piano harmonies. ‘Plains‘ features legendary Devin Powers AKA SineRider; the two collaborate well as true masters of creating layers of lush, intricate ambient music. ‘Tear‘ returns to nature once again, with crisp soaring sounds that teleport you to a strangely isolated place. ‘Spring Haiku 1‘ is one of the most beautiful, healing tracks I have ever heard with inspiring lo-fi guitar and the backdrop of a full naturalistic embodiment. ‘Spring Haiku 2‘ follows the footsteps of ‘Spring Haiku 1‘ with another healing soundscape for reveries and motivational fuel. Lastly, in ‘海風,’ or ‘Sea Breeze,‘ Luis shows the power of field recordings with seagulls, blended audible harmonics, and flowing nature.

Support ARCHIVES & Luis Miehlich on Bandcamp by purchasing Digital, Limited Edition Cassette, or Limited Edition Compact Disc.

Rest in peace, Brian Young, your work will always be an inspiration to the electronic music community.

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