Simon McCorry – Song Lines (2018 :: Naviar Records, NR007)

Simon McCorry – Song Lines
Written, produced and performed by Simon McCorry
Mastered by Adaq Khan
Design and cover art by Ewa Goral

In a time when we seem to be losing our ability to accept what’s new and “different”, “Song Lines” highlights the distinction between hearing and listening.

–Naviar Records

Words by AG – November 2018

Simon McCorry is no stranger to the creation of next-level intellectual soundscapes and experimental musical bliss. Simon McCorry’s collaboration work is deep, with a diverse set of talent. McCorry’s experience with collaboration shows artistic talent through works: with Anne Pigalle, Kathy Hinde, Kieran Crowder, Catherine Ireton, Dead Method, I Am The Mighty Jungulator, Emily Hall, MC Xander, Bellatrix & The Boxettes, Marv Radio, Sola Akingbola, Lemn Sissay, Julia Cheng, Karen Lane, & Kidkanevil… The prodigious composer has also contributed many works to films, sound design, and music for theater and dance. McCorry is a standout artist with such a diverse background and appreciation for many art-forms.

Recently, McCorry went on a solo venture and the end result is “Song Lines” from Naviar Records. For anyone that has been following AG for some time, you’ll know that cinematic beauty resonates well here. “Song Lines” ventures into cinematic neoclassical soundscapes with the usual suspects: cello, transcendent looping, and processing.


  1. The Third Stone (07:00)
  2. Whisperer (04:39)
  3. The Stars In The Firmament (09:00)
  4. Undefeated (16:05)
  5. A Slight Return (04:05)

Favorite track: Whisperer

Simon McCorry – The Third Stone (Official) –
Directed by Matthew Bower

This transcendent experience begins with ‘The Third Stone,’ wherein the listener is introduced to the magical world of McCorry’s soaring instrumentation and looping abilities. Perfectly pitched cello and harmonic field recordings seamlessly blend into this piece of aural perfection. Next, in ‘Whisperer,’ gorgeous cinematic sound is featured with meditative melodic goodness. You might consider making sure to plug in headphones and turning the volume up for this track. Beautiful cello notes create atmospheric haze through sound and oscillating airy dynamics. ‘The Stars In The Firmament‘ continues this cinematic journey. Opening chords grace us and ever so subtly emerge into mesmerizing heartfelt stands of melody, one might even view these soundscapes as cultural impressions. ‘Undefeated‘ takes a step back with slower, isolated sounds through an intricate sixteen minute journey. Later, we hear creative instrumentation emerge alongside beautiful cello notes in the form of subtle dubbing at the bassline. Mysterious notes emerge alongside the cello harmonics and further draw out the experimental dub sound with evoked precision notes and intricate melody. McCorry’s talent spectrum is shown once again: the ability to isolate instruments and seamlessly implement complex rhythmic structures and textures at a moment’s notice. In the final track, ‘A Slight Return,’ intelligent textures and field sounds grace us for a retrospective of the insane talent and interwoven melodies evoked throughout five defined movements of grace…

Support Naviar & Simon McCorry over at Bandcamp via Digital or Limited Edition Cassette.

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