Machinone – Pieni (2018 :: Flau, FLAU75)

Machinone – Pieni (2018 :: Flau, FLAU75)

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Machinone – Pieni (2018 :: Flau, FLAU75)

Machione precisely paints musical visions of each, and together, they reveal his persona in this evocative album.

FlauPieniMachione’s second album means “small” or “little”. This title was inspired by an essay written by Japanese author. In the same fashion that Machione’s first album portrayed the western area of Tokyo, the artist again plays an array of instruments, such as the gut guitar, clarinet, banjo, and reed organ. His compositions and musical stylings show a deep emotional bond to pieces of scattered memories – scenes, and adventures from his childhood, and the loneliness of living alone in Tokyo. Machione precisely paints musical visions of each, and together, they reveal his persona in this evocative album. A child’s toy boat made of bamboo leaves drifts down a small rivulet, an exploration by following a rope between the steel towers. The tones from a music box sprinkled through the album evoke images of colorful pebbles. A prepared guitar’s song paints a pattern of blurred light. TC2610, repsold, water harp bell, broken, untuned and an old, decorative object…the songs that these unique instruments sing fluidizes our senses, and swings our imaginations. This panorama exhibited before us by Machione are scenes from a small town, one that you might have visited some time.

Words by AG – November 2018


  1. Pieni (2:15)
  2. Blue Pebble (1:04)
  3. Leaf Boat (3:26)
  4. Kusanohana (2:41)
  5. Hanayoubi (1:43)
  6. Gilmarnock (2:57)
  7. Small Planet (1:21)
  8. Tetto (3:24)
  9. Blue Träsk (2:24)
  10. Wood Pale (2:09)
  11. During the Summer and Winter (3:59)
  12. Komorebi Map (2:19)
  13. Blue Purple (2:39)
  14. 171227-11 (1:40)
  15. Suisho Rivulet (4:13)
  16. Ljus (1:52)
  17. Ember (3:57)
  18. Repsold (0:33)
  19. Pebble (2:15)
  20. Black and Light (3:02)
  21. Phos (3:03)

Pieni hits all the right tones and melodies with gentle elegant notes. Gut guitar, clarinet, banjo, and reed organs are featured alongside a myriad of experimentation. Perhaps the self-titled album track itself, ‘Pieni‘ describes the dreamy music of Flau Records out of Japan and Machione — Sanriku-raised Daizo Kato – a multi-instrumentalist and composer that is currently based in Atsugi via TokyoPieni features lovely talent spanning soundscapes and interludes. Track two, entitled ‘Blue Pebble’ features an inspired downtempo guitar interlude for relaxation, clocking in at just over a minute. In ‘Leaf Boat,’ shimmering piano reflections gently shine over white noise and unique fluidizing instrumental experimentation. Creaks of noise are audibly identifiable as attention to detail as gifts to an avid closer listener. In ‘Kusanohana,’ we hear airy colorful spectrum scales alongside relaxing clarinet. ‘Hanayoubi‘ follows up to Blue Pebble with an equally inspiring downtempo guitar interlude and Machione’s creative talent is showcased at the highest degree. ‘Gilmarnock‘ follows in the footsteps before it, this time with the addition of banjo to create beautiful relaxing harmonies with transcendent plucks and well-defined dynamics. Audible shimmering experimentation is heard as the track nears completion… a music box? In ‘Small Planet,’ echoing abstract colors glimmer inside a brief playful intelligent interlude. ‘Tetto‘ returns to Machione’s trademark creative sound output with downtempo guitar and the soft reflection of piano notes over white noise and gentle experimentation.

Blue Träsk‘ features audible aviary friends over heartfelt piano ballads, a treat for later hours in the day that emphasizes emotions through creative sounds. Next, in ‘Wood Pale,’ we witness expertly crafted downtempo guitar and colorful pebbles of the intelligent music spectrum. Perfectly placed audible field harmonics and precision triangle notes create a relaxing homey atmosphere. ‘During the Summer and Winter‘ explores a more pristine, ever so gentle and elegant electronic soundscape through relaxing profound melodic harmonies. ‘During the Summer and Winter’ follows the path of previous retrospective and emotive interludes :: ‘Hanayoubi‘ & ‘Gilmarnock.’ Engulfing a full nature theme, ‘Komorebi Map‘ starts with organic sounds and harmonic guitar loops. A meditative experience to get lost inside. ‘Blue Purple‘ is another guitar interlude, featuring a variety of intricate staccato notes mixed with groups of chords. ‘171227-11‘ voyages into the realms of experimental sounds, with crisp drones and shimmering sound effects. The unique, close-mic experimentation that keeps me interested in such an attention to detail as Machinone’s second album, Pieni. ‘Suisho Rivulet‘ returns to the center with another heavenly inspired relaxing piano ballad. ‘Ljus‘ features wavy sound effects tucked neatly aside serene guitar notes. At the second half of the track, twinkling emotive experimentation joins, reminding us that music is a therapeutic, outer-worldly healing experience. ‘Ember‘ features harsh dynamics to begin the track, but seamlessly fades into colorful scales and refreshing clarinet alongside experimental sounds. ‘Repsold‘ is perhaps the most experimental of these pieces and implements feedback loops to create a certain layer of ambiance. Before long, we return to the center with ‘Pebble‘ which features beautiful guitar over twinkling pebbles and cinematic banjo. Next to last, ‘Black and Light‘ evokes a sense of night-time vibes for relaxation and rejuvenation with serene sounds of nature harmonics and perfectly thought out and composed gentle piano. In the album closer, ‘Phos,’ we seemingly return to where it all began — experimental noise alongside breezes of harmony and hazy nightfall before drifting off…

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