A Veil Of Water – Late Night Loneliness (2018 :: Hidden Vibes, HV047)

A Veil Of Water – Late Night Loneliness (2018 :: Hidden Vibes, HV047)

  • Art direction + design: Ola Nordlien & Nina Trelvik
  • Recorded at Short Arms Music
  • All music written and performed by Rune Trelvik

Hidden Vibes :: “Late Night Loneliness” is the second album by Norwegian act A Veil Of Water. Self-taught in piano, drums, guitar, and bass, Rune Trelvik has drawn inspiration from a wide array of musical styles utilizing essences rather than direct influences by the bands and genres he appreciates. Experimental in nature, A Veil Of Water has been mostly associated with post-rock and neoclassical styles, yet remains faithful to its re-occuring melancholic theme. In short, A Veil Of Water tries to capture fleeting sensations, momentary glimpses, and feelings of longing, producing a musical representation of his internal world. 


  1. Everything Ends (3:40)
  2. Frailty (4:11)
  3. I Walk With Ghosts (4:57)
  4. If I’m Not Perfect By Tomorrow (2:47)
  5. Covet (4:40)
  6. The Remaining Hours (3:59)
  7. To Fade With The Morning Sun (3:21)
  8. Moon Song (4:16)
  9. Above Oceans (3:25)
  10. In Safe Arms (3:43)

Words by AG – November 2018

Everything Ends‘ begins with downtempo piano notes and sets a baseline atmosphere of things to come in this one-of-a-kind beauty. Cinematic piano notes emerge as the tempo slowly increases, teasing things to come…
In ‘Frailty,‘ deep hidden vibes and wonky, yet inspirational reflective sounds fade into alluring soft perfectly engineered piano notes. Melodic genius A Veil Of Water tucks multitudinous emotive sound over and under heartfelt ballads. Creative cinematic ballad Frailty will never leave personal playlist rotations. ‘I Walk With Ghosts‘ takes a further step into the unknown with gentle soft piano notes. Drawn out sedating solo piano captures the soundscapes of Hidden Vibes + A Veil Of Water in a perfect late night fashion. In ‘If I’m Not Perfect By Tomorrow,‘ we witness oscillating spacey soundscapes which evolve into a perfectly pitched uptempo inspiring guitar anthem with support from lovely piano. The piano emerges as a main focal point for the melody over the guitar. Nonetheless, the two are in perfect synchronization. Precision post-rock guitar elements make for one of the greatest unique pieces I have ever heard using diversity in sound fields. ‘Covet‘ reflects A Veil Of Water’s driven post-rock-forward end sound spectrum with uplifting strong vocals and steady rhythms. Next, in my favorite emotive peak-hour track, ‘The Remaining Hours,A Veil Of Water provides inspiration, perhaps to view and consider how beautiful the skies are at night with glowing stars during the late night loneliness we all have surely experienced at some point. Sounds of distant memories from the past are evoked with samples of a lovely growing, happy, and healthy youngster.
To Fade With The Morning Sun‘ builds off The Remaining Hours with elegant tender piano ballads and cinematic sounds in this three minute piece. ‘Moon Song‘ begins with experimental atmospheric outer-worldly noise and transitions into sounds out of a dream – gentle oscillation with underlying sweet melody.
Above Oceans‘ returns to the piano for another extremely passionate peak-hour emotional ride. Swirls of clearly thought-out inspirational notes grace the listener before unfolding into epic fluid percussion notes, namely glowing cymbal crashes and consistency of ride cymbals. ‘In Safe Arms‘ closes out this cinematic emotive album of perfection with twinkling sounds followed by airy light piano — safe and sound before drifting to sleep and dreams of positive things to come.

Support A Veil Of Water + Hidden Vibes over on Bandcamp by purchasing a digital or physical copy of this wonderful inspirational album.

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