Cédric D. Lavoie – 88 (2018 :: Preserved Sound, PS51)

Cédric D. Lavoie – 88 [2018, Preserved Sound, PS51]




Everything starts on the piano.

-Cédric D. Lavoie


With a deep respect for cinematic sounds using the piano roll as a never-ending melodic journey, the electronic music community resonates deeply with Lavoie’s deeply-inspirational quote.

Cédric D. Lavoie releases his newest work, “88” 23 November 2018 on the respected cinematic modern classical Preserved Sound music label. The inspiration for such a serene collection of his latest pieces was found during hard work traveling on tours as a double bass player. Lavoie took it a step further to form cleverly-written layered soundscapes that are lush, and yet, at the same time perplexing simple melodic harmonies that manifest their way into complexity.


Cédric D. Lavoie – piano, upright bass, percussion, samples, production
Mixed and Mastered by Louis Morneau
Cover Photo by Moïa Jobin-Paré
Preserved Sound 2018 // PS51


01. Le début de la fin (4:54)
02. Piano Interlude No.1 (1:50)
03. Ghost in the Machine (4:58)
04. Désescalade (4:09)
05. Piano Interlude No.2 (2:18)
06. Le bout de l’île (6:14)
07. Piano Interlude No.3 (2:37)
08. Etude sur du masking tape (5:08)
09. [Outro] (2:08)



88″ begins with focused breathtaking melodic piano on ‘Le début de la fin‘ as airy plucks and chords grace the listener with cinematic brilliance: Preserved Sound never fails to provide inspiring meaningful works. As the track progresses, precision dynamics are carefully evoked for a hypnotizing, strong album opener. Next, in ‘Piano Interlude No.1,’ delicate staccato notes evolve into sweet layered piano brilliance before a sudden end of the first interlude. ‘Ghost in the Machine‘ eludes to a gentle reminder of reflection through delicately drawn out piano. After the opening of the track, playful samples work their way into the mix seamlessly alongside cinematic piano. ‘Désescalade‘ is a soft track that a listener may consider to be representative of Preserved Sound’s glittering cinematic beauty by slowly constructing a soundscape with attention to every dynamic of sound. ‘Désescalade‘ finishes off with a carefully assembled inspirational soundscape. The second piano ballad returns in ‘Piano Interlude No.2,’ this time with an eerie mystery. ‘Le bout de l’île‘ implements a pending rainfall — true relaxation over euphoric soft heartfelt piano notes. ‘Le bout de l’île‘ really showcases Cédric D. Lavoie’s unreal talent to create diverse dreamy harmonies. Next, in ‘Piano Interlude No.3,’ a similar eeriness to ‘Piano Interlude No.2‘ is showcased in collaboration with euphoria from “Piano Interlude No.1.” In the second to last track, entitled “Etude sur du masking tape,” an intelligent cinematic drift is fully explored with forte and even harsh dynamics at times to emphasize the beautiful piano ballads that soon follow. ‘[Outro]‘ ventures into nature to explore satisfying textures before one last heartfelt piano ballad joins. Truly a cinematic masterpiece at the highest level, Cédric D. Lavoie’s “88” releases on Bandcamp and Compact Disc via Preserved Sound on 23 November 2018.

Pre-order “88” now to receive 5 of the albums tracks early before the release of this cinematic masterpiece on Preserved Sound’s Bandcamp.


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