Andrew Tasselmyer – Tines (2018 :: Flag Day Recordings, FDR17)

Andrew Tasselmyer – Tines (2018 :: Flag Day Recordings, FDR17)




I am interested in exploring “audible nostalgia.” To put it another way, I like using sound to express the connection I feel to specific places.

-Andrew Tasselmyer

Bandcamp // Cassette & Digital

Visionary Andrew Tasselmyer, also known as a third of Hotel Neon alongside extremely equally talented Michael Tasselmyer & Steven Kemner are fresh off a Fall Tour with prodigious sound architects Marcus Fischer and Benoît Pioulard. Additionally, to that extent, Hotel Neon just released a brand new tour tape not too long ago, entitled “Inward“.

With a myriad of responsibilities and a tour just wrapping up, you would think that Pennsylvania resident Andrew Tasselmyer would be crunched for time. Hard work ethic and dedication always shows during these times; enter talented Flag Day Recordings and A&R by genius Guillermo Pizarro. As a label that is experimental at the core and local to the Pennsylvania area, seeing a release from one of the most talented artists in the experimental electronic music scene is exhilarating; not to mention that sonic architect Taylor Deupree mastered “Tines” with an incredible attention to detail.


Music produced and recorded by Andrew Tasselmyer.
Mastered by Taylor Deupree.
Artwork & Layout by Flesh & Bone Design.

Label/Cat#: Flag Day Recordings – FDR17
Country: US
Year: 13 Oct 2018
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient

1. 1 (6:21)
2. 2 (9:17)
3. 3 (5:04)
4. 4 (3:04)
5. 5 (8:28)
6. 6 (7:42)

Favorite track: 5 (8:28)



Exploring reveries through sound to connect specific times and places to aural soundscapes is talented virtuoso Andrew Tasselmyer‘s gift to the world. ‘1‘ begins with gentle notes and hazy experimentation with impending references the sound that separates Tasselmyer as such as a standout artist in the community: cinematic beauty. Later, in ‘2,’ Tasselmyer explores the awe of aural lulls via gentle synth and field harmonics, allowing the listener to really relax and get lost in a nine minute dream. ‘3‘ implements gentle playful oscillation, while a fluid cinematic pattern slowly emerges. Experimental pops and cracks are tucked in gracefully behind hypnotic panorama — evoking the perfect example of true beauty from Tasselymer — a reference to a time and place. ‘4′ opens with gentle downtempo melodies and seamlessly fades into waves of experimental reveries before evolving into focused silence. In ‘5,’ noticeable autonomous sensory meridian response cues are noted through swirling experimentation. Soon after, a heartfelt emotive melody emerges, again, showcasing Tasselmyer’s pure talent to create emotive soundscapes to reference a time and place using experimental, harmonic sound. In the last track, ‘6,’ beautiful heavenly nature samples are showcased: the organic delicate noises of running water and forest life. Perhaps, ‘6‘ could be tied to Andrew’s exquisite work on ‘Philadelphia,’ evoking a true spectrum of positive emotions, soundscapes, and reflection for a close listener.

Support Andrew Tasselmyer & Flag Day Recordings over on Bandcamp by picking up a tape or buying a digital copy of the album.

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