Silhouette Sect – Metahope (2018 :: Focused Silence, FOCUSED0052)

Silhouette Sect is Al Tanner’s artist alias for releasing atmospheric, emotive electronic music. Al’s debut for the Focused Silence music label as Silhouette Sect is simply exquisite, outer-worldly, and contains delicate notes with the perfect blend of field harmonics, drone and cinematic chords.

Focused Silence // Bandcamp // Al’s Beautiful Website


Mastered ByAndrew Backhouse

Written / Production / Photography / Artwork – Silhouette Sect (Al Tanner)


Label/Cat#: Focused Silence – FOCUSED0052
Country: UK
Year: 18 Oct 2018
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental Ambient, Abstract
Format: CD / WEB

1. Waiting For Eva At The Tannhäuser Gate (08:56)
2. The Value Of Isolation Is Contrast (12:50)
3. An Ever-Moving Array Of Beads (09:17)
4. Candid Collaboration Through Frankincense Swirls (06:40)
5. Metahope (08:54)

Total length: 46:37

‘Waiting For Eva At The Tannhäuser Gate’ starts the album off with organic field works. The sounds of shimmering, naturalistic running water over soft melodic harmonics and sounds of the unknown, is that an animal I hear? (Yes, it is). Harmonic soundscapes fill the rest of this beautiful track over some gentle static and effect works.

Soon after, my favorite album track, ‘The Value Of Isolation Is Contrast opens with audible hissing… An emotive, uplifting mysterious piano melody joins the mix to balance out this perfect blend of drone and cinematic sounds for perfect focus.

‘An Ever-Moving Array Of Beads’ rounds out the middle-point of the album with relaxing rainfall, while the listener becomes closer to nature. Soon, delicate harmonics and textures emerge in the background. A close listener will notice gentle piano arpeggio over this nature-forward earthy track.

‘Candid Collaboration Through Frankincense Swirls’ emerges with a similar nature theme that quickly deviates to atmospheric drones and mysterious silence. This is the album track you were waiting for; solely described with Al’s unique, inspired, and mysterious artwork. Hazy atmospheric drones guide the listener through a forest of perplexing textured beauty, all before halting to listen to wind chimes and allowing nature to take its course…

Lastly, ‘Metahope‘ opens by exploring where the listener left off in ‘Candid Collaboration Through Frankincense Swirls’ with downtempo cinematic melodies and gentle sound effects.


Places… a beautiful photo that describes Al’s creativity by using another one of the senses: sight…

A truly inspiring, unique set of compositions from Silhouette Sect prove to be one of the most exquisite, meditative experiences of 2018.

Thanks for the intelligent field harmonics, Al.

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