11.9.18 Snapshot :: New Music Friday

This Friday is not one to slack on regarding new music releases, it’s time for you to begin an intelligent listening journey through brand new cinematic, dreamy electronic music.

Spotify Playlist


Olsen – Dream Operator [2018 :: 100% Silk, SILK109]

Dearly Departure – Genesis [2018 :: 100% Silk, SILK110]

Colorlist – Full Circle [2018 :: Serein, SERE017]

Endless Melancholy – Fragments of Scattered Whispers [2018 :: Dronarivm, DR-55]

Slow Meadow – Screensaver Prelude / Oh, the Myths We Need [2018 :: Hammock Music]

Peter Broderick – Two Balloons [2018 :: Erased Tapes, ERATP115]

Behind Clouds – Tranquil [2018 :: Self-Released // Insert Tapes]


Drowning in new, high quality electronic music releases this week. 100% Silk, Serein, Dronarivm, Hammock Music, Erased Tapes & Insert Tapes

Behind Clouds, Olsen, Dearly Departure, Colorlist, Endless Melancholy, Slow Meadow, Peter Broderick…

100% Silk made this Friday (11/9/18) particularly extra special with not one, but two album releases: Olsen’sDream Operator” &  Dearly Departure’sGenesis“.


Olsen – Dream Operator [2018 :: 100% Silk, SILK109]



Olsen is the intelligent project of Andrew Anderton, a true master of manipulation in respects to cognition, active listening, and playful autonomous sensory meridian response.

Dream Operator” is a left field, experimental funky house journey that explores many things, you know, like subliminal perception, hyperspace anime, and reflections on how the mind works. Topics for daily discussion for sure.

Label/Cat#: 100% Silk, SILK109
Year: 2018-11-09
Genre: Electro, Techno/House

1. Inside (05:06)
2. Narkoblues (06:36)
3. After Glow (05:33)
4. Long Now (02:19)
5. Stolen Fruit (04:31)
6. Black Dog Serenade (06:10)
7. Scant Sanity (03:39)
8. Nektarin 5 (05:25)

Total length: 39:19

Favorite track: ‘Black Dog Serenade’


Mastered by audio engineer Matt Tammariello.

Formats: WEB & Cassette via Bandcamp.


Dearly Departure – Genesis [2018 :: 100% Silk, SILK110]




Dearly Departure is Santa Clarita daydreamer Daniel Crook. To produce this album, the creative producer flipped his DX-7 to dent tuition at California Institute Of The Arts but while there, fell in with a crew of fellow hardware heads and began making periodic pilgrimages downtown to soak the city’s thriving warehouse scene. His own productions soon followed, inspired by the moodier fringes of LA’s nocturnal underground as well as the “dark gothic energy” of certain fatalist new wave.

The second 100% Silk album for 11/9 is Dearly Departure’s “Genesis”. Spanning notable abstract rhythms for a classic 100% Silk sound that is perhaps perfect at this point — established high quality beat tapes extending to the limit of human cognition and creativity.

Label/Cat#: 100% Silk – SILK110
Year: 2018-11-09
Genre: Electro, Techno/House

1. Serpent (05:12)
2. Own Perceptions (04:48)
3. Embrace (03:42)
4. Fear of Losing You (04:00)
5. Move (04:31)
6. Infrared (feat. Bludwork) (05:11)
7. Words Unspoken (feat. Morticia My Angel) (04:48)
8. Genesis (07:24)

Total length: 39:36

Favorite track: ‘Embrace’


Genesis spans 40 minutes across eight tracks, crisscrossing stained glass house, lovesick jack, and varied states of rhythm delirium into a raw, reflective self-portrait of empty streets and midnight memories. Crook’s process is part planned and part exploratory, mapping melody in advance then ripping live takes at a table of synths in his bedroom. From cobwebbed dub-dance (“Serpent”) to cyber-mechanical disco (“Move”), the songs feel intuitive and imprecise, grainy screengrabs of systems in flux.

100% Silk


Artwork (design) by the ever-so-talented Britt Brown.

Mastered by audio engineer Matt Tammariello.

Formats: WEB & Cassette via Bandcamp.


Colorlist – Full Circle [2018 :: Serein, SERE017]




Colorlist returns to Serein with their fourth album, the most ambitious yet, dedicated to the warm hospitality of Chicago. John Hughes (of the Hibernis project with Lindsay Anderson) joins Colorlist officially with “Full Circle“… combining jazz fusion, massive synthesizers, and electronic experiments, you don’t want to miss a release from the nation’s favo[u]rite label, now do you?

Bonus: Serein is offering a 30% off sale for the rest of the week with coupon code NOVTHIRTY over on their Bandcamp and Website (while stock is available)…


Hughes met Colorlist when Joshua Eustis [Editor’s Note: Telefon Tel Aviv] brought them to HFT studios for the sessions that produced “The Fastest Way to Become the Ocean” & “Sky Song,” both previously released on Serein. During the early stages of sending demos back and forth, Hughes became a member of the band and an equal collaborator as a composer and performer in addition to his pre-existing role as engineer and producer. Their combined efforts culminated in an album which is perhaps Colorlist’s most satisfying album to date. We get to hear the full swing of their character, sometimes unsettled and taut, as on Kink In The Line, other times beautifully cohesive and clear of mind as on album finale, When The Time Is Right.


Label/Cat#: Serein – SERE017
Year: 2018-11-09
Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Jazz

1. Pogona (05:51)
2. The Heart Wants Her Horses Back (03:12)
3. Electricity (05:47)
4. Kink in the Line (09:05)
5. Rise (02:02)
6. Sequence (03:14)
7. Two Times (03:27)
8. When the Time is Right (06:51)

Total length: 39:29

Favorite track: Explosive, motivational soundscape and ambiance created in ‘Kink In The Line’.



Endless Melancholy – Fragments of Scattered Whispers [2018 :: Dronarivm, DR-55]





Endless Melancholy & Dronarivm are both titans that I have been following for sometime now. Both of these entities are known for releasing soulful electronic music — Endless Melancholy has appeared on favorite music labels Preserved Sound, 1631 Recordings, and Hidden Vibes. The latter, titan label Dronarivm, has released countless high quality records spanning from gifted artists that have quite a few albums under their belt (bvdub AKA Brock Van Wey) or creative musicians from the opposite part of the globe — Chihei Hatakeyama.

Fragments of Scattered Whispers” is one of the more diverse pieces from well known and established electronic artist Endless Melancholy. Featuring deep, gorgeous soundscapes a la ARCHIVES, this album will be on repeat in my personal playlists. Read the blog post on Dronarivm’s very own site here: https://dronarivm.com/2018/11/09/endless-melancholy-fragments-of-scattered-whispers/

Label/Cat#: Dronarivm – DR-55
Year: 2018-11-09
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

1. Prologue (For a Broken Tape Recorder) (01:29)
2. Postcards (05:23)
3. Will You Be There (04:04)
4. In Transition from Anxiety to Acceptance (05:21)
5. Her Fragrant Beauty (03:06)
6. Amaranthine (04:45)
7. Like a Sudden Glimpse of Shimmering Light (04:15)
8. Slumber Waves (03:05)
9. Washed Away by Slow Currents (06:07)

Total length: 37:35

Favorite track: ‘Will You Be There’

Slow Meadow – Screensaver Prelude / Oh, the Myths We Need [2018 :: Hammock Music]




Slow Meadow is an artist alias of phenom and prodigy Matt Kidd, who is also known for reflective shimmering post-rock melodies as Aural Method; “When I Drifted I Heard A Faint Melody” is highly recommended for lovers of reflective pieces with beautiful instrumentation and guitar work. A little while back, Hammock picked up Slow Meadow‘s work on their music label, Hammock Music.

Screensaver Prelude” & “Oh, the Myths We Need” contain heavenly emotive piano melodies, with the A-Side reflecting a bit on more experimental sides, but eventually breaks out into cinematic bliss. The B-Side, “Oh, the Myths We Need” immediately features soundscapes that allow a listener to experience ethereal piano and Matt’s gorgeous production and writing capabilities…

Label/Cat#: Hammock Music
Year: 2018-11-09
Genre: Cinematic Electronic, Ambient

1. Screensaver Prelude (03:51)
2. Oh, the Myths We Need (03:00)

Total length: 06:51

Favorite track: ‘Oh, the Myths We Need’


Peter Broderick – Two Balloons [2018 :: Erased Tapes, ERATP115]

Film Website // Erased Tapes // Erased Tapes BC


Design by Rutger Zuydervelt
Photography by Declan Kelly


Broderick’s wonderful piano melodies feature classic cinematic, uplifting soulful piano chords to create a sound output that is unique.  I would say that the inspirational content featured here is reflective of Erased Tapes’ motivational sound that is always changing and evolving with time, yet, the same classic, harmonic cinematic melodies always find a way to sneak into play. As the soundtrack to a nine minute short film, you should take nine minutes to experience what Erased Tapes, Peter Broderick, Rutger Zuydervelt & Declan Kelly have to offer in a creative nine minute film.

Year: 2018
Format: WEB

1. Two Balloons (Part 1) (01:09)
2. Two Balloons (Part 2) (01:15)
3. Two Balloons (Part 3) (02:47)
4. Two Balloons (Part 4) (02:20)
5. Two Balloons (Part 5) (01:21)
6. Techno For Lemurs (09:06)

Total length: 17:58

Favorite track: Cinematic heartfelt strings and melodies in ‘Two Balloons (Part 3)’.

Two Balloons (2017) Trailer from Mark Smith on Vimeo. Two Balloons is a stop-motion animated film produced in Portland, OR.

More Info  // Film on IMDB


Behind Clouds – Tranquil [2018 :: Self-Released // Insert Tapes]



The cloud hopper’s latest album, “Tranquil” features collaborations with lo-fi community members, this project speaks inspiration with its foundational concept of being a beatless tape on Side A and an added collaboration beat on Side B.

Premiered on AG 11/2/18.

Label/Cat#: Self-Released / Insert Tapes
Year: 2018-11-09
Genre: Lo-fi hip hop, Electronic

1. Mental Tranquility (01:44)
2. Thoughts We Nurture (01:44)
3. So Much to Remember (01:26)
4. Not Being Able to Explain Why (01:28)
5. The Things I Should Have Said (01:41)
6. A World You May Not Understand (01:56)
7. No Words for My Thoughts (01:25)
8. Late Night Thoughts (02:11)
9. Under the Night Sky (01:41)
10. Under the Night Sky (feat. Cheeki) (01:41)
11. Late Night Thoughts (feat. Noirea) (02:11)
12. No Words for My Thoughts (feat. Nit . Issues) (01:58)
13. A World You May Not Understand (feat. Kuranes) (01:56)
14. The Things I Should Have Said (feat. Palm Fires) (01:42)
15. Not Being Able to Explain Why (feat. B L O O P R) (01:27)
16. So Much to Remember (feat. Jack Dean) (01:26)
17. Thoughts We Nurture (feat. G Mills) (01:45)
18. Mental Tranquility (feat. Lofihokage) (02:23)

Total length: 31:45

Favorite track: Thoughts We Nurture (feat. G Mills)

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