[Forthcoming 11/8] Hirotaka Shirotsubaki – A Seasons Past (2018 :: ARCHIVES, Archives50)

Hirotaka Shirotsubaki – A Seasons Past [Forthcoming Nov. 8]





The extremely talented ARCHIVES music label run by legendary ambient community member, contributor (as Warmth and SVLBRD), and dual label owner, Agus Mena, releases quality after quality ambient records on Faint & ARCHIVES. The latest record releasing via limited edition Compact Disc and Digital is no exception.

Forthcoming release by talented Japanese resident Hirotaka Shirotsubaki (releases on: Organic IndustriesShakuya Records, & taâlem…) entitled “A Seasons Past” will put your worries and troubles to bed — or at the very least you’ll forget about them over awe, jaw-dropping ambient music.

More info (ARCHIVES): ‘A Seasons Past’ is the first full release on Archives by talented Japanese artist Hirotaka Shirotsubaki.

Mastering by Fraser McGowan
Archives50 // ArchivesCD31
Archives / 2018

Preorder to support Hirotaka Shirotsubaki + ARCHIVES via Compact Disc [edition of 70!] or Digital over on Bandcamp + download ‘Morning Haze’ instantly…


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