Hibernis – Middle Of The Meds (2018 :: Serein, SERE016)

Hibernis – Middle Of The Meds



Words by AG, October 2018.


If Yasume’s (Gabriel Morley and John Twells) legendary “Where We’re From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song” is a tribute to the trippy inspired Twin Peaks series, then Hibernis’Middle of The Meds” is a tribute to hazy and inspired breakthrough film, the artsy and mysterious Mulholland Dr… by dreamy director David Lynch.

Autonomous sensory meridian response. Harmonious melodies created just to tease your ears with the right amount of stimulation through an eight track journey. Can you put the pieces back together?


The album art to “Middle of the Meds” makes lots of sense after hearing the music — it is just as abstract; the listener can study and make sense out of it in their own interpretation.


Hibernis are John Hughes + Lindsay Anderson, two separate known entities join forces on their Hibernis project. Known very well for their work separate as opposed to collaboration materials, Middle of the Meds is a side project that appeared when Hughes and Anderson began creating new works for another music label, Flau, under the name Same Waves.

Artists John Hughes and Lindsay Anderson hardly need an introduction with the sheer amount of experience that both of these experienced multi-genre veterans have under their belts. John Hughes is the creator and curator of the legendary Hefty Records music label, and Lindsay Anderson is a member of the L’Altra music group.


John Hughes (left), Lindsay Anderson (right)


“Middle of The Meds” came together from what was originally a break from the crazy in and outs of music production, inspired by Hughes’ meditative sonic creations. After knowing the project was much more, music began to flow, it turned into the Hibernis project, another creative outlet for the two like-minded individuals to have a chance to make classical, high quality stand out work from something that was [presumably] originally intended as a deep escape from the vicissitudes of both John and Lindsay’s everyday lives & careers.


Hibernis – Middle Of The Meds

Year: 2018
Format: WEB, CD (October 19, 2018)


Written / produced by John Hughes & Lindsay Anderson

1. Black Marlin (12:17)
2. The Grape Leaves (05:19)
3. So What (09:54)
4. Ramps (07:14)
5. Tempestuous (06:50)
6. Middle Of The Meds (08:53)
7. Thoracic Dune (04:34)
8. Heehp Sones (12:55)

Total length: 01:07:56

The intro track, “Black Marlin,” begins with oscillating synths and zany sound effects, begging for a closer listen of the harmonic natural tones. Noticeable autonomous sensory meridian response triggers occur within playful airy uplifting tones. About a fourth of the way into “Black Marlin,” we witness the lulls of Lindsay Anderson’s serene voice for the first time. “Black Marlin” isn’t just an introduction to the harmonic signatures that the duo create — it’s a mysterious piece begging the listener to listen closer, quieter, and a commitment to reflecting upon the music. Middle of the Meds is a experience meant to be referenced on a good audiophile setup, or at the very least through headphones. “The Grape Leaves” takes a side trip, perhaps to a hidden riverThe angelic echoes of Lindsay are once again featured in this deeply invested ambient array. “So What,” one of the lead sides to the single featured before Middle of the Meds was released is a playful track that teases Lindsay’s serene quieting echoes. So What” is an artsy journey with playful mixing that encourages the listener to be deeply invested, and, at times of Lindsay’s crisp vocal stems, it’s a deeply meditative, involved aural experience.




Rounding off the first half of Middle of the Meds, “Ramps” is a harmonic soundscape with deep textures, and artsy experimental sounds. Audible fragments of deep field recordings also echo in this meditative journey through sonic notes. Delving deeper into the fields of abstract motivational electronica, “Tempestuous” graces us with rapid highs and lows thanks to Lindsay’s serene vocal stabs and Hughes’ meditative tones. Next, in the title track, “Middle of the Meds,” diverse experimentation and soundscapes with oscillating, playful melodies occur neatly tucked under meditative reflective vocal features. Next to last, “Thoracic Dune” is perhaps the deepest, most inspired meditative piece on the fantastic hazy album “Middle of the Meds“. Continuing their journey through experimental highs and lows, Thoracic Dune is at times very minimalistic and gentle piano levels in terms of dynamics, but on occasion will surprise an active listener with harsh, forte dynamics. Harmony. Last but not least, “Heehp Sones” features delicate instrumentation and crystal harmonics. “Heehp Sones” provides tightly synthesized downtempo melodies and vocal lulls for deep relaxation and reflection through a thirteen minute hazy album closer as the sixteenth overall physical and digital release for Serein, the inspiring music label out of Wales.

Support Serein // Hibernis (John Hughes + Lindsay Anderson)https://www.serein.co.uk/releases/hibernis-middle-of-the-meds // https://shop.serein.co.uk/album/middle-of-the-meds


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