Melorman – Lower Self (2018 :: Sun Sea Sky, SSS093)


Melorman – Lower Self






Year: 2018
Format: WEB

1. Wait (04:14)
2. Feel (04:06)
3. Tides (02:41)
4. Dance To Circles (04:09)
5. When I Needed You More (03:29)
6. Daised (05:22)

Total length: 24:01

Favorite Track: Dance to Circles (04:09)

Credits //

Written and Produced: Antonis Haniotakis
Mastering: Melograf Mastering
Design: Anestis Neiros

Support: Sun Sea Sky Productions // SSS093

Sun Sea Sky virtuoso Melorman AKA Antonis Haniotakis


Words by AG, 10/24/18

Review: This work by talented Greek artist Antonis Haniotakis AKA Melorman reminds me of the Melorman’s work over on “Of Tree, the compilation that forward-thinking electronic virtuoso artists Mokhov // Melorman // Data Rebel // Sinerider were a part of with three organic electronic music tracks: [Melorman’s being] Digital Twilight // Exelon // Ninety

Melorman’s new stand-out EP on the magnificent Sun Sea Sky Productions music label entitled “Lower Self” — a six track wonder featuring carefully designed sound patterns, delicate pads, and synthwave inspired melodies.

Wait” reflects Melorman’s new layer of complexity in his productions. The intro to the track opens with a slight dance-floor melody that explodes at around 1:00. In “Feel,” sonic architect & Athens-based producer Antonis Haniotakis AKA Melorman explores intelligent crafting: an abstract beat pattern with clear trip hop influence turns into haunting vocal stabs over a tightly crafted breaks pattern. “Feel” certainly should not be skipped on this EP as one of the most stimulating, unique sounding tracks from Sun Sea Sky resident Melorman.

Later, in “Tides,” we are greeted by a harmonic brief moment of wishy-washy dreamy synth in this diverse track. “Tides” turns into something more than itself, Athens-based Melorman really has produced high quality, emotive work on this EP. The best way to describe “Tides” at a higher level: this dreamy track is a reflection of what the Sun Sea Sky Productions label’s signature dreamy electronic sound encapsulates: timeless melodies that truly never get old with countless plays during daily commutes & travels.

In “Dance to Circles,” the title track tells the story. A dreamy but complex pattern immediately emerges with granular organic harmonic dance-floor textures. With Melorman’s signature intelligent complex dance music patterns, sound effects, and vocal stabs, there’s really an overload of catchy rhythms that make want to drop everything and dance. This piece really uplifts and speaks to me on a personal level as a motivator.

In “When I Needed You More,” experimental cracks and pops occur over heavenly vocal stabs and samples. Not a moment later, swing abstract trip hop hooks occur with a heavenly, but highly technical melody. “When I Needed You More” is a true example of the sonic genius’s harmonic progression over time.

Lastly, “Daised,” seemingly synthwave-inspired melodies grow into a pattern with crisp hues of atmospheric sound & drum experimentation over elevated loops and nested beat patterns.

Overall, Melorman’s new EP “Lower Self” via the electronic music gem Sun Sea Sky Productions is an excellent release and explores new locations and sounds. This EP is essential for anyone that is a fan of intelligent electronic music.


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