Aural Soundscapes 002: For Kate

Aural Soundscapes 002: For Kate


AG Aural Soundscapes 002 - For Kate Podbean.png


Album art comes from the AG archives, circa 2013, at a strangely isolated place that’s oddly familiar.

A journey through ambient sounds to remember someone near and dear. Dedicated to late friend Kate, featuring inspirational and uplifting select ambient pieces from the ARCHIVES, Schole, Shimmering Moods, and Unlabel Recordings Imprints.

Music really is the journey. Thanks, Stationary Travels, for your inspirational quote.

Alternatively listen to the Mix over on Podbean // Soundcloud


01. Casino Versus Japan – Barefoot Belle of the Sun [Self-Released]

02. The Aurora Principle – Southbound [ARCHIVES]

03. Luis Miehlich – Spring Haiku 1 [ARCHIVES]

04. SineRider – The Snow Turned to Rain [ARCHIVES]

05. Mind Over MIDI – Devotion [Shimmering Moods Recordings]

06. Absent Without Leave – Clouds [Unlabel]

07. Flica – Wednesday [Schole Recordings]

08. Daisuke Miyatani – old tape [Schole Recordings]

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