ARCHIVES: Ambient Files 7 (Mixed by Warmth)


Spanish prodigy, dual label owner (ARCHIVES, Faint), and music producer Warmth releases “Ambient Files 7,” featuring some of the most in-depth exquisite electronic music…

With current classics and forthcoming artist works combined, this mix should be an instant listen for anyone involved in the electronic music community.

You know what to do. Share, support, and spread words about this abstract, experimental, and intelligent ambient electronic music anywhere you can. Inspire someone with the gift of music and change their life. Personal thanks to Agus AKA Warmth / SVLBRD for this inspiring, awe-filled mix full of dreamy, emotive electronic music…

Support the artists and hours of hard work put into this mix:

01. r beny – Takoma (ARCHIVES)
02. Alex Bober – Caress (Forthcoming)
03. Purl – Skäralid (Forthcoming)
04. Hotel Neon – Roke (ARCHIVES)
05. Warmth – Receiver (Warmth Remix) (Forthcoming)
06. Pepo Galan – High Seas Tempest (ARCHIVES)
07. Steve Pacheco – Emanate (ARCHIVES)
08. Shuta Yasukochi – Leaving (ARCHIVES)
09. Pechblende – Tear Away (ARCHIVES)
10. Sven Laux – Where To Begin (ARCHIVES)
11. Warmth – Extent (Powlos Remix) (Forthcoming)
12. Luis Miehlich – Tear (ARCHIVES)
13. Robert Farrugia – Evening Lights (Forthcoming)
14. Hirotaka Shirotsubaki – September Sky (Forthcoming)



Latest ARCHIVES Release:

Strange Parentheses by Pepo Galán




Latest Faint Release:

Stratus (Remodel) by SVLBRD

featured in 10.19.18’s Snapshot Retrospective

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