10.19.18 Snapshot :: Ambient Album Rotation

AG Snapshot: October 19, 2018: Ambient Album Rotation

Photo credit: Alexander Kopatz / go70north // https://go70north.com/

1. Andrew Tasselmyer – Resonant Moments (Shimmering Moods, 2017)

2. Adzuki – Undeveloped Land (Shimmering Moods, 2018)

3. SVLBRD – Stratus (Remodel) (Faint, 2018)

4. Amman & Josh – Places (Hammock Music, 2018)

5. Stray Theories – All That Was Lost (n5MD, 2018)

6. Hibernis – Middle of The Meds (Serein, 2018)

1. Andrew TasselmyerResonant Moments (Shimmering Moods, 2017)

Year: 2017 (19 April 2017 / 19.4.2017)

Label: Shimmering Moods Recordings

Cat#: SHM CD039

Medium: CD, Digital

Mastering: Legendary Taylor Deupree (12kmastering.com)

More information (SHR via Bandcamp – thanks!):

“The work of memory collapses time.”

-Walter Benjamin

[Andrew’s words] Looking back on the past year – the most fulfilling of my life – I find particular truth in Benjamin’s eloquent description of the power of resonant memories to transcend time and context. My reflection doesn’t reveal frozen, sequential timestamps; rather, these experiences live, breathe, and resonate even more today than they did when they occurred. Time collapses.

Similarly, this album is my necessary attempt to distill individual sights, sounds, and feelings from December 2015 – October 2016 into a tangible collection. Field recordings capturing particularly Resonant Moments across the US, Canada, China, India, and the Caribbean were injected into the most honest reflections I could compose.

Why it is special to me: Andrew Tasselmyer is part of the legendary ambient musical collaboration trio entitled Hotel Neon. Collectively, the prodigious group’s talent and harmonious melodies are a gift to the world and electronic ambient music fans alike.

Andrew Tasselmyer (AT)’s solo venture project Resonant Moments— released via the legendary Shimmering Moods Recordings is a story through sonic melodies and beautiful evocative soundscapes. Tasselmyer is an aural genius; you can really close your eyes and picture a place and time. A snapshot of warm melodies inside York, or dreamy patterns featured in Philadelphia: a spot with a deep historical background to the United States, Tasselmyer’s hometown, and a spot AG has taken road trips to visit many times that evokes an eerie sense of a “second home”.


1. York (08:40)

2. Philadelphia (05:19)

3. Moraine (06:20)

4. Princeton (05:51)

5. Shanghai (06:18)

6. Seattle (07:19)

7. Raleigh (09:20)

Total length: 49:07

2. Adzuki – Undeveloped Land (Shimmering Moods, 2018)

Year: 2018 (18 October 2018)

Label: Shimmering Moods Recordings

Medium: CD, Digital

Credits as notated by SHR:

Production: Adzuki
Artwork: Reo Masuda (SOOY)
Mastering: Hirotoshi Tsubone

Favorite track: Rice flour waterfall

Why it is special to me: This beautiful album released via Shimmering Moods immediately grabbed my emotional attention with beautiful abstract field strings. Just released yesterday, this amazing album is in the running for top albums of 2018.


1. Boiling fountain (06:15)

2. Salt rain (04:49)

3. Snow of sugar (03:46)

4. Water candy lake (04:43)

5. Wheat flour island (05:35)

6. Rice flour waterfall (06:36)

7. Baking powder desert (09:27)

8. Baking soda volcano (01:47)

9. Oil valley (10:33)

Total length: 53:31

3. SVLBRD – Stratus (Remodel) (Faint, 2018)

Year: 2018 (September 21, 2018)

Label: Faint
Faint010 // FaintCD010

Medium: CD, Digital, Tape // https://faintmusic.bandcamp.com/album/stratus-remodel


Writing & Production: SVLBRD // Warmth AKA Agustín Mena
Mastering: Artefacts Mastering // http://www.artefactsmastering.com/

Photography: Alexander Kopatz // www.go70north.com

Faint, 2018 // https://faintmusic.bandcamp.com

More information (Faint): ‘Stratus (Remodel)’ is a full ambient version of the first album by SVLBRD, side project of ambient artist Warmth, released earlier this year on Faint.

Why it is special to me: As a dear friend with a prodigious, intelligent mind to run two record labels: Faint and ARCHIVES, who also collaborates with titans like go70north, it’s no wonder Agus is so successful and has gained such a strong fan-base in the ambient music community.

Agus (SVLBRD)’s latest full ambient version of his first album as SVLBRD, “Stratus (Remodel)” is a typical wondrous journey through Warmth’s mind, filled with ambient journey through the clouds.


1. Prelude (Remodel) (08:50)

2. Vessel (Remodel) (08:35)

3. Petrichor (Remodel) (06:11)

4. Stratus (Remodel) (08:00)

5. Spheres (Remodel) (07:24)

6. Fernweh (Remodel) (08:07)

7. Flint (Remodel) (07:58)

8. Dawn (Remodel) (09:10)

9. Stratus Remodel (Continuous) (59:10)

Total length: 02:03:25

Favorite track: Petrichor (Remodel)

4. Amman & Josh – Places (Hammock Music, 2018)

Year: 2018 (June 29, 2018)

Label: Hammock Music

Medium: CD, Digital


Production: Amman & Josh

More information (thanks, Hammock.): This is a fully remastered (digital and vinyl) version of the previously-released “Places” plus a digital-only bonus track from Josh Varnedore, also remastered.

From The Silent Ballet review of the original release: “It’s fairly difficult to become notable in the ambient genre, and only a select few artists have managed this task. However, the individuals contributing to the creation of the first EP by Amman/Josh already have a fat resumé. Amman is the first name of Amman Abbasi, known by some as one half of the Abbasi Brothers. Josh refers to Josh Varnedore, who owns the art gallery in Hot Springs, Arkansas where the famed Riceboy Sleeps show took place that featured Hammock’s live debut. For this reason, it is perhaps not too surprising that this EP also contains a collaboration with post-rock/ambient superstar Hammock. The gentle multiple-drone haze of first track ‘Lukka’ serves as the perfect introduction. It grows subtly, not in volume but in complexity and warmth, and ends up sounding like an audio accompaniment to the precise moment that the sun first peeks over the horizon. Third track ‘Leawood,’ represents such an achievement that it demands attention within only a few notes. Coming off as an homage to Ulrich Schnauss, the woefully short track pairs a traditional ambient backing with organ tones and note bends. In less than three minutes, ‘Leawood’ manages to instill a powerful feeling of forlorn beauty.”

Favorite track: Melting the Frozen Sea Within Us (feat. Hammock)

Why it is special to me: It caught me by surprise to see Hammock Music re-release Amman/Josh AKA Abbasi Brothers’ legendary EP with a new digital-only track. In heavy rotation over at AG.


1. Lukka (04:17)

2. Ouachita (04:26)

3. Leawood (02:37)

4. Bayshore (04:14)

5. Melting the Frozen Sea Within Us (feat. Hammock) (05:03)

6. 186,000 Endings Per Second (Josh Varnedore) (06:25)

Total length: 27:02

5. Stray Theories – All That Was Lost (n5MD, 2018)

Year: 2018 (June 29, 2018)

Label: n5MD

Medium: CD, Digital


Production: Micah Templeton-Wolfe AKA Stray Theories

More information (thanks, n5MD!): n5MD is proud to bring you All That Was Lost, The 3rd album from cinematic ambient composer Stray Theories. Australian born and current New Zealand resident Micah Templeton-Wolfe is the sole force behind Stray Theories, and this album finds him following-up 2014s We Never Left EP with his first new long-form Stray Theories material, not to mention, his first album to be pressed to vinyl. Templeton-Wolfe’s time away has not been for naught. Composing for films, collaborations with like-minded artists and a plethora of remix projects, all while creating a sample pack for the Noiiz sample app under new project Ocean Lost. So it’s been a busy time for Templeton-Wolfe. While he has seemingly been focusing his efforts elsewhere, Templeton-Wolfe has been quietly composing for All That Was Lost, an album which is imbued in spades with Stray Theories’ signature mood-altering soundscapes. Muted electronics have always played a part in the Stray Theories pallet, and some of Templeton-Wolfe’s extracurricular work might have something to do with those textures now being brought a bit more to the fore. In Templeton-Wolfe’s hand, these fit in perfectly within the personally subjective nature his music has always suggested. All That Was Lost is a cinematic ambient gem brought into the world at a time when we need it most.

Why it is special to me: Micah Templeton-Wolfe AKA Stray Theories has been on my radar for some time now as a standout artist. It made me really happy to see Micah’s latest work signed to the legendary experimental electronic music label n5MD.


1. How Long (05:31)

2. Challenge (06:23)

3. Nightstate (04:25)

4. Leave (02:13)

5. Begin (05:00)

6. Embrace (04:54)

7. All Our Tears (03:53)

8. Us (05:36)

Total length: 37:55

6. Hibernis – Middle of The Meds (Serein, 2018)

Year: 2018 (October 19, 2018)

Label: Serein

Medium: CD, Digital

Production: Hibernis (John Hughes (Hefty Records) + Lindsay Anderson (L’altra)

More information (thanks, Serein.): Hibernis is the synthesis of John Hughes’ evocative soundscapes and Lindsay Anderson’s vocal and melodic contributions. The two bring their unique talents together in a harmonious confluence where the listener is guided on a soothing and often surreal journey. Hibernis began as a meditative process for Hughes, a place of comfort for the mind during a quiet winter stretch. Dwelling inside the sound, he used the music as medicine, striving for a balance of light and dark. Hughes, who had been recording with Anderson on a separate full-length album, played these sketches at the beginning of their sessions and she instantly connected with them. The two began using these meditative pieces as a break from the grid and more production-heavy, song-oriented music that they were making. It served as means to unwind and clear their minds before tackling other work.

Anderson responded vocally to the sketches Hughes brought to the studio, often singing to them on first listen. This process was the antithesis of songwriting itself. In this non-critical, open state, they created in real time, following the natural contours of the music as it revealed itself. It was the sound that would guide the way. Hibernis soon took shape as a defined project for Hughes and Anderson and ultimately paved the way for a fruitful collaboration between the two.

John Hughes ran the Chicago-based electronic label Hefty Records for 15 years and has released music under his own name and aliases such as Slicker. Lindsay Anderson is a co-founder of L’altra and has collaborated with Telefon Tel Aviv and Wreckmeister Harmonies. Their full-length album ’Algorithm of Desire’ is due out later this year on Flau under the name Same Waves.

Why it is special to me: Hefty Records and Telefon Tel Aviv are my bread and butter; in other words, I knew this project was going to be special after seeing Hughes + Anderson and Huw Roberts (Serein) collaborate and release a really special product.

Favorite Track: The Grape Leaves


1. Black Marlin (12:17)

2. The Grape Leaves (05:19)

3. So What (09:54)

4. Ramps (07:14)

5. Tempestuous (06:50)

6. Middle Of The Meds (08:53)

7. Thoracic Dune (04:34)

8. Heehp Sones (12:55)

Total length: 01:07:56

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