K-Conjog – Millennials Otters (2018 :: Schole Recordings)

Ahead of wonderful Japanese music label Schole Recordings’ 56th album release:  Italian sensation and phenom K-Conjog entitled “Magic Spooky Ears,” on November 12th, AG takes a look at the inspiring seasonal and sensational remix by the Japanese duo akisai (dubbed visual/sound project by Koichi Nakaie and Kaname Suzuki)




Support Schole, K-Conjog, akisai, daisake miyatani & all others involved with good, wholesome electronic music by purchasing “Millennials Otters” over on Bandcamp and preordering K-Conjug’s debut album on Schole, to be released on November 16, 2018.







Google translate via SCHOLE and original Japanese text from the inspiring and diverse music label (thanks!):

K – Conjog – “Magic Spooky Ears“:
Works that feel like a dense finish and good momentum as if they were making sound sculptures. Scheduled to be released on November 16.

01. What Begin Began
02. Kingpink
03. Same Old Grace
04. Millennials Otters
05. Love Walks on Unexpected Ways
06. Replica
07. Old Enough to Look Young
08. Monotone
09. Cheeks
10. Falcon

Italian Composer, Electronic Music · We will release the latest artist K-Conjog.
K-Conjog has been developed independently by combining diverse genres such as IDM, ambient, classical, and electronic music. In this work, mainly based on the beat making of dance music, the texture of Sensesizer makes the depth and texture that seems to be a good background, and stands out exquisitely processed voices, musical instruments, and electronic sounds. It is a work that felt very much about sticking to the space of sound, and it is finished in a work that can also enjoy K-Conjog’s craftsmanship aspect.

// original

K-Conjog – Magic Spooky Ears


イタリア人コンポーザー、エレクトロニックミュージック・アーティスト K-Conjog の最新作をリリースします。

Source: K-Conjog – Magic Spooky Ears – SCHOLE SHOP


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