I’m Not A Gun – Everything At Once (2003 :: City Centre Offices, Towerblock 011)

I’m Not A Gun – Everything At Once

Label: City Centre Offices

Cat #: Towerblock CD 011

Format: CD/LP/Digital

Original Release Date: Mar 17, 2003 (Worldwide)



1. Jet Stream

2. Frequent Syndrome

3. These Thoughts Break

4. Long Division

5. Monovision

6. Make Sense And Loose

7. Search For Sleep

8. Drunken Anecdotes

9. Dazed In The Moment

10. Vacant Sky

11. Flash Bang Imagery





Words by AG – September 2018

The legendary City Centre Offices label presented the very first debut album by later accomplished phenoms I’m Not A Gun: “Everything At Once” — March 17, 2003 with a very cheesy, bold promotional note:


John Tejada’s and Takeshi Nishimoto’s first joint effort to take post-rock by its balls. Strike! But do we really have to say that?


Snare, electric guitar, hazy beats, and jazzy swing beats to form harmony like no other — this is what you can expect to find in Tejada & Nishimoto’s interesting collaborative project entitled I’m Not A Gun.



Everything At Once is exactly what it sounds like. This collaborative post-rock project touched by the two instrumental geniuses behind I’m Not A Gun prove to stand up to a real test of time. “Jet Stream” features a guitar melody that will surely prove to be the new lead track to your personal playlists.

Frequent Syndrome” features some of the most fleshed out guitar work — at the same time we see some of the most technical foundations to underground electronic music in their work. This album is a real treat to post-rock and electronic music fans and enthusiasts alike and is a must for anyone looking into label backlogs for amazing, relevant, and essential background to the genres.


The City Centre Offices label logo.


As part of a throwback project on the blog, one of the first labels I’ll be covering with notable releases is the sadly now defunct City Centre Offices, and their Büro Sub-label, which contains powerful personal influences to my electronic dance music background. Among the likes of electronic titans Ulrich Schnauss, Yasume, Miwon, and Arovane, the I’m Not A Gun project is the first of many that will be explored which have been released by the legendary City Center Offices label.


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