Brambles – Charcoal: Expanded (2014 :: Serein, SERE003SE)

Words by AG – 9/24/18 + 9/25/18

I love the Serein music label. As I always say, Serein is a music label for the people. By that, I mean that they are always producing the most high-quality piano minimalist electronic music or inspired sounds that are completely new to the electronic music community. Brambles’ 2011 debut, “Charcoal,” and what later came to be Charcoal (Special Edition) through the love of the amazing fan-base of the music label and artist. Charcoal is just too serene. Throughout every piano piece I listen to contained inside this album, I can only hope to parse the insane talent from Australia’s Mira AKA Brambles.

Title: Brambles – Charcoal

Label/Cat#: Serein – SERE003

Country: UK

Year: 15 Nov 2014

Genre: Electronic

Style: Ambient

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl (Expanded Edition)


1. To Speak Of Solitude
2. Such Owls As You
3. In The Androgynous Dark
4. Salt Photographs
5. Pink And Golden Billows
6. Arête
7. Deep Corridor
8. Unsayable
9. In The Androgynous Dark (Nest Version)

To Speak Of Solitude” Introduces Charcoal as a whole. Within the first ten seconds, we hear epic soundscapes with birds singing in the background faintly – a truly serene experience. Just after the brief introduction, we hear soulful piano chords that truly encapsulate what it is to experience music at full degree. Piano melodies are the basis of Brambles’ music & one of many heavenly traits to love about Mira’s unique style. The next track, “Such Owls As You” is without a doubt my favorite track on “Charcoal”. When I first heard this track, it spoke to me on another level and exposed me to the emotion Brambles felt when they were producing this piece. “In The Androgynous Dark” sounds like the most familiar melody but it’s so subtle that I just can’t put my finger on it.

In The Androgynous Dark” flawlessly incorporates a classical jazzy piano-esque soundtrack to tell a story never heard before through unique sounds and synths. “Salt Photographs” has the most odd yet diverse intros of tracks on this album. If you listen closely you will hear organic crunches and snaps. After the oddly satisfying intro to this track, “Salt Photographs” reveals a major soundscape and ambiance as expected from an artist on the Serein label.

Pink And Golden Billows” samples of some light chords and plucks on the piano and slowly draws in a melody that is ever so sweet and remains stuck in the listener’s head. “Arête” has a more downtempo vibe. don’t get me wrong, Charcoal is definitely better Suited as night time music or relaxation vibes, but personally lately I really like piano music and the high quality material that Huw Roberts over at the Serein label signs. “Deep Corridor” does brief teaseful ASMR as it manipulates the listeners experience ever so slightly and precedes with efforts of a mystery. “Unsayable” returns to Brambles’ touchy melody & uplifting piano. Mira’s standout work as an artist on Charcoals and later, Charcoals (Expanded Edition) in 2016 really sets Brambles apart as an artist in the modern classical piano niche in modern times.

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