Araceae – Lunae Semita (2018 :: Faint, FAINT007)

When it’s time to wind down for the night, reach and grab Araceae’s “Lunae Semita” over from the kind warm Faint Music label. This album holds mostly a downtempo tone but reflects heavy dub. I recommend adding this essential release to your nighttime records pile.





Title: Araceae – Lunae Semita

Label/Cat#: Faint – FaintCD007
Country: Spain
Year: 16 Mar 2018
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Dub Techno, Techno
Format: CD (Sold Out, try Discogs), Digital


1. Inflorescence (07:04)
2. Elemental Peninsula (04:56)
3. Perspective Shift (05:30)
4. Icefelt (06:48)
5. Prelude For Spring (06:40)
6. Waterway Path (05:33)
7. Nocturnal Beyond (06:58)
8. The Great Mystery (12:36)

Total length: 56:05


Words by AG, 9/15/18


This album is one that remains heavily in personal playlists, especially for later in the night.

Araceae’s “Lunae Semita” is the downtempo after-hours gem you’re looking for in playlist rotations. As the seventh release on the Faint music label, this aesthetic and high quality sound should be expected by now as an output, and it surely delivers.

In “Inflorescence,” the listener dives deep into a mysterious journey, filled with sonic pads and mesmerizing sound effects. Before you know it, the transition to the second track “Elemental Peninsula“. Brief white noise turns into one of the deepest vibes featured on this wonderful album. In “Perspective Shift,” we hear familiar sound effects, but the mystery continues, forcing an active listener to participate. At around 1:30 in “Perspective Shift,” one of the greatest melodies I have ever heard begins to unfold. An appropriate title was picked for this track. “Icefelt” continues with familiar heavy dub vibes, almost as an attempt to put the listener into a heavy trance. Later, we transition to “Prelude For Spring,” which almost serves as a midpoint of reflection for this album. The melody is clearly present, and we hear bird-like sound effects – maybe Araceae is exploring the top of the mountain featured in the cover art. In “Waterway Path,” we hear loud dub techno vibes that are slowly drawn out into an emerging arctic melody. The journey continues with “Nocturnal Beyond” another seven minute reflection with emerging deep vibes; this track holds a sense of mystery as the title may suggest. The last track to round out this album, entitled “The Great Mystery” concludes our scientific journey entitled “Lunae Semita.”




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