Various Artists – Autumn Selections 03 (2018 :: Silk Music, SILKM189)


Autumn Selections 03” is the latest installment of uplifting progressive house autumn bliss from quality progressive house & chillout label Silk Music. The Silk Music Imprint’s ongoing “Selections” series of compilations also include compliment series “Winter Selections,” as well as “Summer Selections”. Check both of these series out for proper context; starting with the legendary beach side double track EP “Summer Selections 01.” This amazing collaboration work not only started Silk’s ongoing seasonal compilations, but yet again proves historical context of how dedicated to quality, emotive progressive house music the label is — this release dates back to when Silk Music had five sub-labels, whereas today they release on one. The sub-labels were called Silk Royal, Silk Sofa, Arrival, Silk Digital, and Silk Textures. I recommend exploring, supporting, and learning Silk Music Publishing’s sonic journey through sound by checking out all of their former sub-labels. Don’t forget to reach out and tell them about your favorite release you may have missed!


For proper context to Silk’s ongoing compilation series of chill progressive house tunes, consider the A-side to the first ever EP that started the series:


…”She Is” features soaring vocals from the ever-so-talented Elly & beats from Chomi.


The second essential track on this EP is a classic from the recent new full-time father and catchy beatmaker, Johan Vilborg. Congrats, Johan! “Second Wind” really is a timeless classic from Vilborg, just as previous gems and label contributions, including Johan’s surreal dance-able remix to Dinka’s “Lotus“:



This remix work became such a popular sensation that Silk Music released a music video to celebrate the sheer original production artist (Dinka) and remixer (Johan Vilborg) would always have a blissful music video to remember this truly inspiring and timeless piece, which gives another historical past time look into Silk Music…

Now that we know proper context to where this compilation series was born from and where it resides. Summer Selections has now had five yearly compilations for fans to enjoy, with the “Winter Selections” and “Autumn Selections” series following right behind.

Beautifully themed and always uplifting for the time of the year, Silk never fails to make my heart skip a few beats when listening to their various artist compilations, that’s not to even mention the Silk Royal Showcase/Silk Music Showcase DJ Mixes, which are very, very good.

Moving on to the release:

Various Artists – Silk Music Autumn Selections 03

Label/Cat#: Silk Music – SILKM189

Year: 2018-09-21

Genre: Progressive House, Trance

Format: WEB




1. Dan & Sam, Eskai & Maxx Hennard – Break The Walls [Elevven Mashup] (06:12)
2. AOA! – Murcia (Plz Stay) (06:48)
3. Aki Amano – Streamlines (06:15)
4. Lessov – Natura (06:32)
5. Pavel Denisov – Terra (04:08)

Total length: 29:55



It’s really a pleasure to dive into this release; Silk is sure to always provide diverse talent from all over the world with their releases. Track one contains Elevven’s first formal appearance on the Silk Music label, with their mash-up of Dan & Sam’s legendary “Walls.” Hardcore Silk Music fans will know the history behind this track is deep, inspiring, and meaningful: Dan & Sam’s productions on the imprint were some of the founding basis to which Silk Music stands on today. The ironic phrase or related: “music speaks louder than words” rings a bell here, but nonetheless the vocals are very fitting in Dan & Sam’s legendary original piece.

Silk newcomer AOA! joins the family with the uplifting and exciting progressive house track “Murcia (Plz Stay),” which features a heavenly melody that reminds me very much of Jacqueline’s amazing motivational vocal track “Rise Up”.

AKI Amano returns to the label with a follow-up track to his amazing Only Silk 04 contribution, “Scene In The Sunset,” with his new track “Streamlines,” which features the artist’s signature sunset-soaked pure progressive house sound and interesting chord/melody progression.

Next, legendary producer and mood curator lessov joins this compilation with the serene piece entitled “Natura,” exploring familiar, but yet far away dreamy sounds. The melody of this track reminds me of SNR‘s legendary Arrival Recordings EP, entitled “Kumba,” which dates back to SNR’s first release as a solo artist on a Silk Imprint.

Lastly, Silk resident Pavel Denisov returns with his newest track “Terra,” which explores new vibrant, diverse sounds from Denisov. Another track to surely add to my deep vibes playlist over on Spotify. Thanks, Pavel!

Overall, this is another surreal and quality release on the Silk Music label — and the 189th release overall. Thanks to label contributors and Silk A&R alike for providing uplifting, high quality emotive electronic music.
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