Mokhov – Jupiter Melodies (2018 :: Mokhov Music, MKHV008)

It’s midnight, AG has déjà vu.

Haven’t you already read this article? Nope.

As I begin to play “Midnight Love” at midnight, I discover something odd. Mokhov drops his eighth album, with diverse and wonky experimentation and new sounds. The Nevada world traveling prodigy and sound phenom proves his unique skills yet again by adding a whole new layer of sounds to his discography.

[AG: Added “Jupiter Melodies” to Discogs at 12:01.]

Mokhov drops surprise full length album; AG hopes to even the score with a surprise review…and Discogs entries?

Oleg Mokhov: 1

AG: 1?

Not Saturn, Mercury, Venus, or Neptune, but Jupiter…

The backpack traveling phenom does it again, this time with a surprise album drop. Fresh off his artist interview and forthcoming ACM Mix*, Oleg Mokhov returns with “Jupiter Melodies” — a full length six track album featuring some of his most fascinating work to date.

*More info soon.


Artwork for Mokhov’s “Digits Soundtrack” released in 2014, by Simple Machine.


Personally, I feel this album draws heavy inspiration from the experimentation Oleg completed back in 2014, with his Digits Soundtrack. Constantly innovating and experimenting with sounds while traveling for inspiration, Mokhov has certainly set priorities for a life full of beautiful sights, sounds, and unique experiences.

Album Artwork for Mokhov’s brand new album, “Jupiter Melodies” — released 18 September 2018.


“Jupiter Melodies” explores many new places with harmonic melodies and huge groovy beats. “Super Sun” begins with wonky synthesizers and funky beats, beginning Mokhov’s Jupiter Melodies journey. In “Mega Moon,” break-beat patterns lead to almost chiptune-esc sounds as Mokhov embarks on this outer-worldly journey. “Lush Ultra” features catchy basslines, and a lush melody throughout this near six minute sun-soaked playful track. Next, in “Joy Wave,” Oleg once again delves into a funky experimental style, this time seemingly jazz influenced, with a slight swing beat. As we continue on our wonky journey around Jupiter, “Cloud Leap” paints a vivid picture in my mind of blue skies and evaporation with a disco sound and outer-worldly vibes. “Hyper Light” rounds out Mokhov’s eighth album overall with late-night inspired electric piano melodies over beats to complete your journey on Jupiter.

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