The Golden Ohm – Eastern Light of a Westward Facing Sun (2018 :: Self Released)

“Sunset Frontier” Remix EP.


Crazy new talent alert? Check… The Golden Ohm is a wonderful artist that was brought to my attention recently. I’d like to introduce their productions: hazy beats & inspiring guitar work.

The Golden Ohm’s huge full length album “Eastern Light of a Westward Facing Sun” releases on 18 September 2018 over on their Bandcamp and I think you’ll like it.

FFO: Slow Magic, Teen Daze, Sun Glitters, Martin Mittone, Midday Static


Preorder on Bandcamp.

Genre: Chillwave, Electronic, Downtempo

The Golden Ohm – Eastern Light of a Westward Facing Sun

Year: 2018
Format: WEB

1. Outlaw (04:16)
2. Echos (04:39)
3. Sunset Frontier (04:32)
4. Badlands (04:46)
5. Raindrops (03:12)
6. Mellow Moon (06:06)
7. Lullaby (02:15)
8. Smoke (03:19)

Total length: 33:05


Words by AG: 9/17/18

AG’s favorite track: “Outlaw”

Outlaw” begins as if you’d think it was going to be a country track and instantly does a 180 with a melodic bassline and catchy beats. Around the halfway point of the track, glitchy soundscapes emerge and keep the listener excited. Track 2, entitled “Echos” begins with a slow dreamy anthem and nature sounds. Shining downtempo anthems are featured, along with lush rhythmic piano. There’s a true, almost haunting echo at the end of “Echos” before the track concludes. In “Sunset Frontier,” we hear relaxed piano explode into drum-kit beats, sunny synths, and audible hazy downtempo patterns. “Badlands” starts off with a super relaxed guitar anthem over beats. After acting as if the track had ended, “Badlands” returns with a chill groovy vibe and guitar anthems to soothe the listener. “Raindrops” begins with poignant sounds: as the track progresses, many new melodies emerge for a completely relaxed listener. “Mellow Moon” begins with a minimalistic pattern that slowly becomes more colorful and complex, full of beat patterns. It’s simply fantastic. Around the half point of the track, several dance floor patterns are introduced and finish out this blissful track. “Lullaby” briefly samples vocals and builds a complex beat pattern around them and features sunny-day guitar anthems. In “Smoke,” The Golden Ohm begins with some trippy beats, guitar rhythms, and extends to a central dance floor groove to round the track, and album for that matter, to an end.

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The Golden Ohm, you have earned a new permanent follower to your hazy beats and inspiring guitar melodies; thanks for the taking the time to share your unique perspective of the world with others. Stay in touch.




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