Hidden Rivers – Where Moss Grows (2015 :: Serein, SERE008)

Where do we start: Serein, Hidden Rivers, or the amazing nostalgic content presented in front of us?

Huw Roberts, AKA Hidden Rivers has produced the gem of a lifetime. His finest work to date, “Where Moss Grows” was released to the world on 17 August 2015. Huw is no stranger to curation and collaboration, running the Serein Music Label & also collaborating with Otto Totland on their amazing collaborative artist project, entitled “Nest“.

The album art for Hidden Rivers (Huw Roberts’) debut artist album “Where Moss Grows”.

Title: Hidden Rivers – Where Moss Grows

Label: Serein

Catalogue Number: SERE008
Country: UK
Year: 17 Aug 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, IDM, Downtempo
Format: CD, Digital

1. Flying The Nest (01:40)
2. In And Out Of Days (05:24)
3. Sunday’s Child (01:13)
4. White Light Peak (03:39)
5. Awash (03:16)
6. The Liquid Mirror (05:34)
7. Circa 96 (01:30)
8. Red The Sun’s Cold Disk (05:30)
9. September Sun Memory (04:39)
10. Over An Open Field (05:00)
11. Futureproof (04:28)

Total length: 41:53

More information (thanks Serein!): Away from the concrete towns and cities there is a place Where Moss Grows. A place walled with limestone, of dell and cave, forgotten railways and Hidden Rivers. This music is a document in sound of journeys through this place, the sylvan valley.

Treading a path worn by his forebears, Hidden Rivers (Huw Roberts) takes a left into the trees with debut solo album, Where Moss Grows. Better known until now for label curation at Serein and his work with Otto A Totland as Nest, Huw’s growing obsession with synthesizers and drum machines takes his solo work into uncharted territory. With barely an acoustic instrument in sight, Where Moss Grows is a personal and thematic album which confidently reveals his future intent.

CD is for high quality connoisseurs seeking to archive the best record labels.


Review by AG, 9/11/18

At the top level, Hidden Rivers releases an incredible and heavily inspired “Where Moss Grows”. Fans of Boards of Canada, or even Midday Static might see major resemblance here.

In “Flying The Nest,” Huw teases the amazing aesthetic featured throughout the entire album. This track seems to be heavily inspired by sounds from Boards of Canada and straight-up IDM. In “In And Out Of Days,” Huw wastes no time establishing an introduction. Immediately, we experience layered beats patterns – complexity at it’s finest. As an avid Serein listener, I’d expect no less from prodigy label owner & producer Hidden Rivers. The experience continues, with wonky tapes rewinds in “Sunday’s Child” and later fills with downtempo, ambient patterns. In “White Light Peak,” a hazy, mysterious beat pattern emerges into something absolutely beautiful with time. “Awash” continues where “White Light Peak” left off, leaving trails of inspiring ambiance and truly mesmerizing beats. “The Liquid Mirror” begins the latter half of the album with heavy synth use and fading crossfade. As beats emerge, so does the central melody. Surreal. Next, in “Circa 96,” the listener is instantly transported back in time briefly, only to be slapped in the face by this playful 90-second beat tease. “Red The Sun’s Cold Disk” features dreamy, inspired synths that once again pay homage to the Boards of Canada aesthetic which is pursued on this venture. “September Sun Memory” rounds out In And Out Of Days as one of the most unique electronic music albums to date, wrapping complex beats over sun-soaked melody. In “Over An Open Field“, Hidden Rivers’ true originality as an artist truly shines through, with one of the most innovative and original tracks ambient tracks of all time. Lastly, “Futureproof” launches to end the album with a bang. Loud synths teleport us back to the 1990s as melodic goodness emerges at around the one minute mark of this track. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind release from Hidden Rivers (Huw Roberts) over at the Serein Music label.

hidden rivers vinyl

…yes they are important, so is the music and supporting your favorite record label, Serein.


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